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Romantic & Candid Wedding Film from Ireland


So this morning we shared Róisín and Gary’s incredible Irish wedding with you guys, with stunning photography by Brosnan Photographic.

And just when you thought you couldn’t possibly cram any more gorgeousness into your day, we’re back with their romantic wedding film. And I’m so chuffed they’re sharing it with us!

Now, I’m not just saying this because they’re my friends, (and because I make a few cameos in the background!) but this film, by Ciarán Dooley, is pretty special.

Not only does it sum up the feel and fun and atmosphere of their day, but it captures the essence of Róisín & Gary as a couple too – cool and creative, passionate about food and travel, partial to a killer party, and head over heels smitten with eachother.


And as if there was any doubt that this pair were meant to be, we’ve got a sweet story from Róisín that was shared on the day, that proves why these college sweethearts had struck gold from the very start…

The first summer we we were together I worked at a suit rental shop and one of the services we provided was printing personalized wedding candles.

I was cleaning out a press one day when I found a candle that said ‘Roisin & Gary’ on it so I brought it home for the laugh (we were young enough that that didn’t come off as creepy or needy just yet).

Ten years later and a few months before we got married I searched the attic in my parent’s house and found the candle in a long-forgotten box. We used it during our wedding ceremony, which I loved.

19-year-old me didn’t know a lot but apparently she could recognise a great guy when she met him.

Watch Róisín & Gary’s Sweet Wedding Film

Róisín & Gary from Gary Boylan on Vimeo.

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