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10 Ideas for a Beauty and the Beast Inspired Wedding

Belle Wedding

If like me, you were a little girl in the nineties, Beauty and the Beast probably has a special place in your heart.

And so while we might now be grown up and getting married ourselves, there’s still a little bit of magic in the ‘tale as old as time’; the idea of falling in love with the person inside rather than simply what you see on the outside, and overcoming the odds to be together, still resonates just as much today, as it did then.

It’s a pretty romantic concept, don’t you think?

So, as we continue to be inspired by Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons, and seeing as the new live-action retelling of Beauty and the Beast comes out this month (as ‘research’ for this post, I’ve watched the trailer, oh about 20 times!), we thought we’d take the opportunity to share our ideas for your very own Belle and Beast wedding.

Chic, elegant, romantic, and with a whimsical nod to a childhood favourite that’s still a grown-up classic. Now if only we could find some talking teacups…

1. Books Upon Books

Any wedding that pays homage to Disney’s unapologetic bookworm, Belle, should probably include her love of all things literary.

Think stacks of books for centrepieces, a reading from your favourite novel at the ceremony, second-hand books as wedding favours, or naming the tables after some of your most-loved reads.

While we can’t all have our very own library as impressive as Beast’s, you can still nod to his extensive collection with little literary touches throughout your day.

2. Candelabras

No Beauty and the Beast wedding would be complete without a cameo from Lumière. Now you could ask the servers at your wedding to dress up as candlesticks – but I have a feeling that wouldn’t go down so well!

Adorn your tables instead with dramatic candlesticks – the bigger the better! – to add instant opulence, drama and romance to your reception.

You can always mix and match them with lower candle or floral centrepieces to create a mix of heights around your room.


3. Afternoon Tea

Chip and Mrs. Potts are some of the most-loved characters from Beauty and the Beast, so it’s fitting to include some kind of teapot tribute in your day.

Offer afternoon tea instead of a traditional cocktail hour, or serve teapot cocktails for a fun twist. Did you ever drink gin & tonic from a teacup? It feels terrifically decadent!

Alternatively, you could give cute vintage tea-cups as wedding favours, (chips and all!) or dot unique teapots around your tables as decor.


4. Red Roses

You can’t have a Beauty and the Beast-inspired wedding without including the all-important red rose.

Red roses are not only beautiful, but they make for a dramatic look in your bouquet or reception decor.

You can make a romantic statement by going for rich reds throughout your wedding, and adorning your tables with striking ruby arrangements, or add a few red blooms to soft pink and white arrangements for a more subtle, and modern nod to the enchanted rose.

5. Horse Around

Horses play a role in the stories of many Disney princesses, whether it’s Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage, Snow White’s Prince riding in on his white steed or Merida’s cross-country riding on Angus.

For Belle, it’s her trusty horse Philippe who alerts her to her father’s whereabouts, and who helps her bring Beast back to the castle when he saves her from the wolves.

Why not arrive in style at your wedding day, with a horse of your own, or feature a filly in your wedding photographs?

At Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings and Honeymoons, you can choose a horse-drawn Landau carriage or vintage Vis-à-Vis coach for your wedding day transportation – now that’s how you make an entrance!

Disney Horses

6. Cloche Centrepieces

A cloche (or glass dome) has been a trend for wedding centrepieces for a while now, so it’s the perfect choice for adding a little Beast and Belle romance to your tables.

Choose a single rose for a simple yet striking homage to the story, and don’t forget to scatter a few loose rose petals around the table too. As they are single flowers, ask your florist for the most sturdy variety available and make sure they’re sitting in a vile of water.

For a more modern twist on the look, you can also add more eclectic florals to your cloche arrangements – ranunculus and succulents are popular, long lasting choices.

7. Carriage Clocks

Cogsworth is another firm favourite from Beauty and the Beast, and the head butler turned talking clock is instantly synonymous with the film.

Feature carriage clocks around your venue, on your tables, or perhaps on your paper goods for a whimsical nod to the character.

Antique style clocks will add a touch of elegance to your decor and you can always set them to different times of the day that are significant to you and your other half.

8. The Yellow Dress

Now a yellow dress might not be high on many bride’s wishlists, but a carefully chosen shade and style can be modern, glamorous, so romantic and of course, unique!

While we still have a soft-spot for Belle’s off-the-shoulder ballgown, a grown-up bride should pay homage by rocking something a little more contemporary, and less like a costume.

We love the minimalist feel of this strapless column gown by Hamda Al Fahim, paired with the drama of the cape. It’s cool, yet princess-worthy, don’t you think?

And our style inspiration for this one? Emma Watson’s stunning caped gown for the Beauty and the Beast premiere of course!

Yellow Wedding Dress

9. Be Our Guest

If you are planning wedding worthy of Belle and her cohorts, you’ll need to make your guests feel truly welcome.

From signage that greets them warmly, to personalised favours, luxurious surroundings, or thoughtful touches (think a hot drink on a cold day, flip flops for the dancefloor) – maybe even napkins that say, ‘Be Our Guest’ – fill your wedding with touches that give your guests the feel that they’re an important part of your day.

Choose a place to get married where the service is exceptional and where the needs of your guests will be anticipated at every turn, from when they’ll be hungry to when they’ll need to be entertained, and of course, when their glass (or teacup) is empty.

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings offer second-to-none planning and service, with dedicated staff who will help you create the perfect celebration for not just you and your other half, but your guests as well.

10. The Castle Setting

Now finally, no Disney princess-worthy wedding is complete without the fairy tale castle, and that’s where Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings comes in.

For a celebration that pays real homage to Beauty and the Beast, without any of the stresses of planning it, simply get married at Disney.

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings and Honeymoons can look after everything, from the horse-drawn carriage to the red rose centrepieces – they’ll even create an amazing Beauty and the Beast wedding cake for you.

For more information on how you can have your perfect day, visit their website.

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