“I have a pinch me moment every day. But today is the ultimate pinch me moment.”

We’re kicking off the week with some sunshine, with Lucie & Marcus’ beautiful destination wedding in Sicily.

Their candid wedding film, captured by Fabrizio Soldano, shows all the romance and celebration of their intimate wedding day.

I just love how they combined the grandeur of their fresco-clad palace ceremony, and the glamour of the bridal party’s style (Lucie’s vintage-style gown is so pretty, and the sequin bridesmaid dresses look gorgeous in the sunshine), with the laid back vibes of a poolside cocktail hour (the groom joined some of the guests for a dip) and the quintessentially Italian feel of an evening al fresco feast.

If you’re planning a destination wedding and trying to balance fun with formality, let Lucie & Marcus show you how it’s done…

Watch Lucie & Marcus’ Romantic Wedding Film

She is Everything – Lucie and Marcus – Wedding Noto from fotografoprofessionale.it on Vimeo.

From the Bride

Whilst we wanted a small celebration, with quite a relaxed vibe, it was important to us that the ceremony felt formal – quite classic! We hope we struck a balance between meaningful and modern!

When we got engaged in Sicily, we spent some time thinking about our ‘vision’ for our perfect day. We both shared the same idea – that we would have a moment when we were side by side enjoying our wedding feast, warm outside in the early evening, looking over at our closest friends and family.

We worked backwards from this; we knew it had to be abroad (and Sicily seemed the obvious choice!), we knew it had to be small and we knew it had to be relaxed.

Having said that, it was really important to us that the ceremony felt like the main event – we wanted it to be clear that we were not taking our promises lightly!

Our reception venue at Baglio Siciliamo was the first (and only) venue we saw. As soon as we arrived, the atmosphere in the central courtyard had a certain spark that we were knew made it perfect for us. We could picture all of our guests staying for a long weekend and making the place their own.

There were three possible ceremony rooms in the nearest town. Ours was on the top floor of Palazzo Nicolaci.

We felt it had the perfect balance of feeling quite formal (with its amazing frescos) but with the joy of the Sicilian sunshine and the views over Noto baroque town.