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How To Create a DIY Bridal Shower Dessert Bar


So where I come from in Ireland, we don’t really do bridal showers very often. But after seeing this gorgeous (and particularly enticing) spread, I think I might just have to make it a new tradition among my friends back home!

Today we’re teaming up with Evite® and Olive Garden Catering to share some ideas – and a handy video – for creating your own DIY bridal shower dessert bar, the kind the bride-to-be in your life will never forget.

What I love about bridal showers is that they can be low-key and relaxed, or a little more refined and glamorous – and this dessert bar would work beautifully for both.

Easy to plan, all you need is a little creativity and some gorgeous desserts (Olive Garden Catering can look after those) and then you just have to work out whether to serve tea or cocktails with your sweet spread (I know which I’d prefer!).

Keep It Fun

Whether you go for something classic and elegant or a little more laid-back, the most important thing for a bridal shower is that you keep it fun and personalised for your bride-to-be.

Add some pretty garland, celebratory cake toppers and a little touch of sparkle, to make your dessert bar just as special as the lady you’re there to celebrate.


Add Some Florals

Do a little Pinterest board stalking and find out your bride’s favourite flowers, chances are they’ll be the ones she’s having in her big day bouquet.

Not only will they look pretty and smell heavenly, but they’ll also take the cake decor up a notch.

Plus, when your guest of honour walks into the room and sees her favourite florals adorning the dessert bar, she’s going to feel pretty freakin’ special.

Bridesmaids take note: thoughtful touches make all the difference!


Lots of Variety

Make sure you include lots of variety in your dessert bar, so everyone can find a treat they love. And don’t forget to include one or two of your bride’s favourites too.

If your lady loves all things chocolatey, opt for a Black Tie Mousse Cake or Strawberry & White Chocolate Cake, if she prefers her desserts fruity, Lemon Créme Cake will do very nicely, or for something a little more luxurious, think Amaretto Tiramisu or Limoncello Mousse.

Olive Garden Catering offer an extensive range of gorgeous desserts for every kind of event, from whole cakes to individual Dolcini. Serve your desserts buffet style, so everyone can help themselves to the treats.

Olive Garden Catering deliver each of the cakes pre-sliced your guests won’t even have to slice them themselves – handy!

Tag The Treats

Make up little cards or flags for each dessert so your guests know which one is which (and can find their favourite for seconds!).

You can even give each one a personalised title tailored to your bride – who’s for the “Fashionably Late Sicilian Cheesecake” or the “First on the Dancefloor Lemon Creme”?


Mix Things Up

To make your DIY dessert bar look really stylish, make sure you mix things up.

You don’t want anything to look too matching, so choose a general color palette or theme, then style it up with different textures and colours for your cake plates, napkins, and even the cakes themselves.

While I wouldn’t say no to a table of chocolate, a little variety is a lot more chic!


A Touch of Class

Send your guests off with a restaurant-worthy touch.

A bowl of mints offers a chic end-of-the-party sweet that will help freshen you up after all that delicious dessert.

Print out a cute sign and pop it in a frame as a memento of the party for your bride to take home – with plenty of left-over cake, of course!).


For more ideas on chic ways to style all your wedding events, visit Evite’s great video series.

And get started on planning your shower with their pretty save the dates and free Evite invitations.




This post was created as part of the Evite Influencer Program but all opinions expressed are our own. 

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