I just love checking out wedding venues. For me it was probably the most fun and exciting aspect of wedding planning – anything was possible!

But of course, finding a wedding venue is probably the most important (and costly) decision you’ll make in the lead up to your big day, so it’s deserving of a lot of thought and research.

Over the years, we’ve featured quite a few posts on the topic of finding a wedding venue, so today we figured we’d raid our archives and put some of our favourites in one handy place.

So whether you’re looking for a restaurant or a rooftop, a city bash or a country gathering, here are seven of our most helpful planning posts to set you on the road to finding the perfect setting for your wedding day…

1. 65 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

This post is an essential one to have to hand when you start your venue visits.

Of course, not all the questions will be relevant to your choice of venues, but being informed about what to ask will go a long way to ensuring smooth communication and a clear picture as you press on with your planning.

2. Your Ultimate Guide to Wedding Tents

Yurts, marquees, tipis and Sperry tents, this handy guide to all things tents is one of the most popular posts in our archive.

Not all tents are created equal, so make sure you check this one out before you commit to your outdoor marquee wedding.

3. Real Bride Diary: The Venue Search

This is a personal post on my own venue search experience. While it’s a bit of a long read (I tend to go on a bit) it is filled with a few gems I picked up on our hunt for the perfect place to say our I Dos.

Scroll to the bottom of it for my very best tips!

4. The Difference Between a Venue Coordinator and Wedding Planner

When it’s your first time planning a wedding, it can get confusing knowing what everyone’s role is, and what exactly can be covered.

This expert guide by Always Andri is invaluable for outlining the differences between what a wedding planner can offer you, and what’s included in a venue coordinator’s service.

Photo by Katie Branch of Tyler Branch Photography via Bridal Musings

5. Expert Tips on Finding Your Perfect Venue

Another instalment from our expert series with pro planner, Always Andri, this post is just a great guide to identifying exactly what you want from your wedding venue.

If you’re feeling completely stumped or overwhelmed by choices, this is such a great place to start.

6. The Coolest Rooftop Venues in the World

So you might not live near any of these breathtaking venues, but if you’ve been toying with the idea of a rooftop wedding, then this post will provide you with ample inspiration.

These are the places that set the bar for rooftop wedding venues, so use these as your guide and you won’t go far wrong.

7. The Best Barn Wedding Venues in the World

Another of those round-up posts that will give you an idea of the incredible options out there if you have your heart set on a barn wedding.

From a stonework and red metal barn in Northern Ireland to a spectacular grand wooden barn in California, this post will give you so much inspiration for your own countryside celebration.