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One Resort, Three Amazing Honeymoons

Ocean Riviera Paradise Honeymoon 23

When you’re in my line of work (writing about all things weddings every day) you get to see a lot of honeymoon resorts, and they have a tendency to all merge into one.

So I can only imagine how difficult it must be for a couple to find the perfect place for their once in a lifetime honeymoon.

So when we started working on this post with Ocean Riviera Paradise and I saw the stylish resort and the array of incredible things to see, eat, and do there, well I was pretty excited to share it with you guys.

Located on the iconic Riviera Maya, Mexico, this resort might have all the luxurious accommodation, great food, dazzling blue seas, and fun activities you’d expect from any resort, but this one also breaks the mould.

Design-led, it has so much more style and character than I’ve seen from typical honeymoon destinations. Both internal and external spaces each have their own unique look and vibe, giving it a more modern and cosmopolitan feel than your usual paradise getaway.

But paradise it is!

Ocean Riviera Paradise Honeymoon 26

Whether you want to laze in a hammock, dine on fresh seafood on the beach, take to the ocean, explore the local culture and history, or spot the native wildlife, this resort has it all.

While you might love nothing more than parking yourself poolside with a thick book, for other couples, Ocean Riviera Paradise will be the perfect base for an adventure holiday of a lifetime.

So, while we could just wax on about the choice of suites (they have rooms you can swim right up to!), the five star service or the oceanfront views, I thought it might be more fitting to share how this Playa Del Carmen resort is the ultimate honeymoon destination, whatever your holiday style.

Do you like an action packed break, an entirely relaxed getaway, or are you all about checking out the local cuisine? Maybe you’re a mix of all three?

I’ve put together three of my favourite honeymoon picks just to give you a taster of what could be in store if you take your post-wedding getaway at Ocean Riviera Paradise…

Ocean Riviera Paradise Honeymoon 25

The Adventurers

With a coveted spot between Cancun and Tulum, Ocean Riviera Paradise is perfectly located for a big adventure, and that’s before you even think about leaving the resort.

With its very own Scuba Dive Centre, couples can learn to dive or snorkel and discover all the stunning marine life the Riviera Maya has to offer. The resort also offers an array of different water sports, whether you’re looking for speed or something a little slower paced.

If you need a break from all that sunshine, honeymooners can visit the resort bowling alley or state of the art gym, while four pools offer ample space for swimming along with four tennis courts to practise your doubles game.

Further afield, the Yucatan Peninsula is one of the most fascinating regions in Mexico to explore on day trips, with diverse flora and fauna, incredible natural beauty, and of course, an abundance of ruins from the ancient Mayan civilisations all within reach for excursions.

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Ocean Riviera Paradise Honeymoon 17
Ocean Riviera Paradise Honeymoon 10

The Foodies

What has an ice-cream parlour, three swim-up bars, a coffee house, a steakhouse, an Italian restaurant, a Teppanyaki grill, and a food truck? And that’s all before you’ve ordered your entrée. This place!

With a total of 22 places to eat and drink throughout Ocean Riviera Paradise, it is quite literally a culinary dream.

As an all-inclusive resort, honeymooners can relax all day long with poolside snacks, sun-down cocktails, and a choice of a different restaurant for dinner every night of the week included in your stay.

Ocean Riviera Paradise offer couples one free continental breakfast room service for the first morning of your stay (to ease you in nicely!), along with one candlelit dinner for two.

Themed nights, culinary corners and show cooking mean you’ll never tire of the same dish. And as I mentioned these, bars and restaurants are so beautifully designed, you really will feel like you’re somewhere new, exciting and so stylish every time you sip a cocktail or sit down to dinner.

Ocean Riviera Paradise Honeymoon 19
Ocean Riviera Paradise Honeymoon 13
Ocean Riviera Paradise Honeymoon 28

The Relaxers

The one thing I always tell couples when they’re planning their honeymoon? Don’t underestimate how exhausted you’ll be after your wedding. Even the most adventurous couples find themselves searching for the nearest sun-lounger when they land.

So if you’re planning to take your honeymoon straight after your big day, make sure you factor in plenty of relaxation. And Ocean Riviera Paradise has relaxation and pampering down to a fine art.

Even before you leave your room, suites with four poster beds, private rooftop lounges, or in-room jacuzzis will get you into instant honeymoon mode.

The resort also boasts its own spa with a hydrotherapy area and beauty parlour where couples can indulge in massages and facials before visiting the sauna, steam room or whirlpool. Honeymooners get 10% discount at the spa too.

Those four pools offer up ample space for lounging and swimming in peace, with adults-only areas and restaurants providing the ultimate ambiance for your getaway for two.

With a daily turndown service and the option of concierge and butler services, you really can avail of an A-list lifestyle – even if it only lasts the duration of your holiday.

I feel relaxed at the mere thought of it!

Ocean Riviera Paradise Honeymoon 32
Ocean Riviera Paradise Honeymoon 31

Need more inspiration? Watch the video…

Ocean Riviera Paradise Honeymoon 7

So I’m not just saying this because we’re partnering with Ocean Riviera Paradise on this post, but I actually stopped halfway through writing it to check the room rates and start googling flights! (Don’t tell my husband!).

Are you as thoroughly seduced by this resort as I am?

For more information on a stay at Ocean Riviera Paradise, and details on how to book a dream all-inclusive honeymoon, visit their website.

Oh and they also offer some gorgeous ideas for destination weddings too, so make sure you check them out if you’re thinking about eloping or having a Riviera Maya wedding.

Be sure hit up the gallery below for a closer look at this fabulous resort too.

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