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10 Completely Unique Engagement Rings


Every engagement ring is unique, because it was chosen for you (or by you) as a symbol of love, as a romantic gesture, and as a promise to make the commitment to be married.

But what if you’re looking for an engagement ring that’s not just uniquely yours, but entirely unusual, bespoke and one of a kind?

Gemvara is a super stylish jewellery site that’s also insanely fun to play around with. Specialising in beautiful designs and gorgeous gemstones and diamonds, you can mix and match each design to add different combinations of gemstones and metal finishes.

Not only do you get to create a unique engagement ring that fits perfectly with your style, but you don’t have to imagine what it will look like – the site allows you to see it straight away – so for someone jewellery-obsessed like me, it’s basically the dream!

So to help you create your own perfect ring, I had a lot of fun playing around with the Gemvara site and created 10 unique engagement rings that might just inspire your very own sparkler!

1. Pink & Green Dream

Now I’ve been obsessed with anything pink and green since I was a kid so I just love that this colour combination is having a moment again in fashion, interiors, and now, rings.

Using the Bianca ring as a base, with its beautiful pear shaped stones, I added a pink sapphire and two emeralds to create this ring, with yellow gold giving a really luxurious finish to the vibrant stones.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly alternative for this design, pink tourmaline and peridot would also work a treat.

It’s a cool combination, don’t you think?


2. Eclectic Starburst

I think this is one of my favourite designs on the Gemvara site, the Brilliant Lotus ring is a unique base to begin with, but with so many stones, you can really have fun playing around with different colour combinations.

For this one, I changed the setting to rose gold, before adding a blue sapphire with emerald and aquamarine accent stones.

Sticking with the blue and green tones makes it cohesive, while the mix of gemstones with the rose gold gives it an exotic, eclectic feel – like a precious ring you picked up on your travels!


3. For the Love of Yellow

I do love yellow stones (canary diamonds are so beautiful) so I definitely wanted to play with some yellow stones on Gemvara and thought this glamorous vintage style Brilliant Jessamine ring was just the setting for it.

Adding yellow sapphires to both the centre stone and the band give this classic setting a truly unique feel – wouldn’t this beauty make you smile every time you looked down at your hand?

So glamorous, I could totally picture this sparkler on a red carpet.


4. Ruby Heart

A heart-shaped stone is, to me, the ultimate finishing touch to an unabashedly romantic engagement ring. But I figured, why not go one further and amp up the romance of the sweet Carina ring even more?

With a ruby heart and pave band, paired with 14k rose gold, the vibrant red stone symbolises passion and undying love, making this engagement ring the ultimate all out romantic offering.

I think this one would be particularly special for a festive or Valentine’s Day proposal.


5. The Colour Purple

This one is fun, bold and playful, making it just the ring for anyone whose personal style is just that!

This Juliet ring has a beautiful wrap-around halo which is a style we’ve been seeing more and more of in the last few years.

To enhance the quirky swirled design, I added a tanzanite for the round centre stone, with amethyst accents in the halo. I think the rose gold sets the blue-ish purple hues off really nicely.

This ring looks just as cool with the stones swapped around, or a pink and red stone combination or mixed greens would look really pretty in it too.


6. Ornately Vintage

I don’t want you to think choosing a unique engagement ring means you have to have coloured stones – and this ornate Flamenco ring is the perfect example of how classic combinations like white gold and diamonds can result in something entirely unusual.

This vintage style ring, with its milgrain and filigree swirling detail the perfect ring to make a big statement on your hand without the expense of a larger diamond. It’s classic in style but still quirky as well.

(This one looks great with white sapphire too for an even more cost-effective choice!).


7. Earthy Tones

Oh I just love the colours in this ring! I’ve always been a fan of greens and browns, though I’d never really considered them before for jewellery – but call me converted!

For this beauty, I took the Tatiana ring’s stunning marquise shape (I’ve never met a marquise ring I don’t love!), and played around with different colours before coming to this luxurious, earthy, downright gorgeous pairing of green tourmaline and smoky quartz?

I’m obsessed.


8. Gilded Emerald

Almost everyone loves an emerald, but these rich green stones (which fittingly symbolise love and new beginnings!) are such a classic it can be hard to imagine them in a unique setting.

Enter the Acadia ring, a beautiful antique style setting (I thought the yellow gold made it look extra vintage!) with a horizontal emerald cut solitaire that gives it an unusual, entirely stylish finish.

Add in a gorgeous green stone, and it’s a real show-stopper, don’t you think?


9. The Minimalist

Now I’m obsessed with all things sparkly and ornate (I’m basically a walking, talking magpie!), but I wanted to see if I could use Gemvara to create a ring that was a little more minimal, modern, and unfussy than the rest of the line-up.

And I think I came close with this one!

Using black onyx for the three stones gives this Renee ring a matte look, that’s still luxurious but with less sparkle than black diamonds. A platinum finish also adds to the contemporary and understated aesthetic, while the setting – somewhere between a bezel and a prong, plays down the stones even more.

Definitely one for those who want a ring that’s special and unique, but without all the fuss.


10. Stones of Sunshine

Citrine is a stone that I’ve been falling more and more in love with in recent months, so I definitely wanted to play around with citrine pairings while I was on the Gemvara site.

Taking a classic oval stone setting like the Ballerina ring more associated with diamonds and blue sapphires, and adding a citrine centre stone makes it automatically unique. But then I added glorious fire opals and emeralds around it and well, it’s sunshine in engagement ring form.

With a yellow gold setting and this vibrant trio of stones, I think this ring looks really exotic and beautiful – a real showstopper, don’t you think?

For more information on creating your own unique engagement ring – make sure you visit Gemvara and play around for yourself! 

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