We’ve got a very exciting guest post for you guys today, from a lady who’s not only warm, fun, beautiful and super talented, but she’s also a fellow Aisle Society member, and the lady behind Pretty Pear Bride – a beautiful wedding blog with advice and inspiration for plus size brides.

Shafonne Myers has been writing for curvy brides for years, so she knows just how daunting (and sometimes, frustrating!) it can be for many brides to go shopping for wedding dresses, lingerie, and of course, honeymoon style.

So if (like me) you’ve ever had a bit of a meltdown trying to find a bikini that not only fits, but makes you feel great, or of if you’ve broken out into a cold sweat in a fitting room trying to wrangle out a confusing strappy swimsuit (me, on more than one occasion!), I think you’ll find today’s post really helpful.

Bringing her usual style of real talk, with tips on finding gorgeous honeymoon-worthy swimwear, and feeling like a bombshell in it, I have a feeling this post will inspire a lot of you to ditch the cover-up when you hit the poolside, and rock your bikini with confidence.

Over to you Shafonne…

You are checking things off your wedding checklist like a champ… guest list – check, vendors – check, wedding dress – check, check.

But then you start getting to the bottom and realize that you are getting closer and closer to the dreaded one that people don’t speak about, honeymoon attire.

And if you are going anywhere warm, you will need swimwear! Yep, I said it! This one item runs a close second as things that plus size brides hate looking for, behind the wedding dress.

Well, I’m here to help turn that around with some amazing tips to make you feel fierce and fabulous on your honeymoon with your boo!

Embrace Color and Prints

Photo via Addition Elle 

Girl, forget that drab black swimsuit. We are going to turn up with some color, designs and textures.

Don’t be afraid to branch out and try some bold and fun patterns. Plus, patterns keep the eye moving — so people don’t focus on one particular area but rather focus on the whole body.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Yes, most curvy women gravitate toward one-piece suits but there are so many more options. Try bikinis. (Yes, bikinis! You heard me, YOU CAN DO IT!)

If you opt for a high waist bottom it will give you a bit more coverage and
support. If a bikini, isn’t your thing and you like one-pieces, try ones with mesh over the bust area.

This is a great way to show off some skin without exposing everything. Cutouts below the bust are also a sexy (and flattering) way to explore different styles.

I need to see you WERK!

Look for Support

Photo via ASOS Curve

Now this is a very important one because support is always key for larger bathing suits especially if we are dealing with a larger bust.

A well-constructed bathing suit can make any woman look amazing. Look for underwire, plus chest support and mid-section support.

Often times women don’t have the same size on the top as the bottom, so buying pieces that are sold separately is a smart way to make sure that your bust and bottom area are both
adequately supported.

Try It On!

This should go with out mentioning because ladies we need to be trying things on to see how they look on us, but with that said, I have definitely not tried something on because I KNEW it wasn’t going to look good on me.

I get it, I feel you, but this is also when I’ve found some of my best outfits because I did decide to step out and try something on that wasn’t my norm. Who knows….you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find!

Once again I need to see you WERK!

So I’ve given you some powerful tips to help you, my fellow plus size sista, find an amazing swimsuit. Now, it’s up to you to embrace your inner beauty and show everyone how amazing you look!

5 Go-To Brands for Plus Size Swimwear

ASOS Curve

Photo via ASOS Curve

A go-to for trendy and affordable swimwear styles and stylish beachwear accessories – if you’re the kind of bride who’ll want to rock a new swimsuit every day of your hols, ASOS Curve is the place to pick them up, plus it’s a great resource for discovering other plus size brands.

FYI, ASOS also offers some great plus size swimwear options for men.

Addition Elle

Photo via Addition Elle 

A great option for fashion-forward plus size style, Addition Elle’s swimwear collection is filled with patterned pieces, colour-blocking and sexy strappy one-pieces that are just made for curvy women.


Beloved by fashion editors and refined style mavens of all shapes and sizes, Phylyda is a carefully curated collection of beautiful mix and match swimwear separates.

With gorgeous colours and ultra flattering styles, there’s good reason a lot of people are exciting about this coveted brand.

Alpine Butterfly

So Alpine Butterfly haven’t even launched yet, but by the looks of their Instagram, they have some seriously gorgeous swimwear treats in store!

With curvy faves like Bree Kish modelling for them, you just know this offering is going to be sweet, stylish, and super flattering.

Swimsuits 4 All

Swimsuits for All were one of the earliest brands to champion just that – swimsuits for all! With collections from icons like GabiFresh and Ashley Graham, their bikinis and swimsuits are cool, stylish, sexy and fun.