I'm a big fan of love stories from the grand, epic tales that grace the pages of novels and cinema screens to modern fairytales, full of everyday, familiar, sweet and funny moments like our own love story. That's why this invitation concept makes me so happy. It's all about sharing each couple's unique love story in a fabulously retro style and unusual way.

{By the way, the invite doesn't come with the stylish couple dressed up to the nines!}

Andy of RSVP Candy explained:

It all started when we were planning our own wedding late 2009, and being a graphic designer by trade, we were unable to find a design that we really loved. So we created our own and based it on our own ‘story' from when we met right up to the wedding. I produced it in a vintage americana style, with an unusual fold-out format. We had amazing feedback from guests and our clients are experiencing the same.

When folded each invitation fits neatly into 14cm square envelopes.

If the front is for your story, the back is home to all your big day's details. We can even personalise each invitation with your guests' names in the vintage font.

Fab huh? RSVP Candy also do table plans, numbers and name cards in a similarly retro style to match the invites! Check out their website for more information. They are based in Coventry, UK.