Dear readers,

Today we say goodbye to our wonderful editor, Claire.

She has been the voice of Bridal Musings for the past three and a half years, and is off to pastures new. She made such an incredible impact here at BM, taking the blog from strength to strength and will be sorely missed.

It’s hard for me to say goodbye because, as a very small team, we’ve worked so closely together over the past few years, bonding over our shared love of lace wedding dresses, travel and our desire to use BM’s online influence to help raise awareness about social causes but I’m also excited and happy for her as she’ll be working on an Irish publication, (Claire is a native Dubliner), in a fab new role.

While big changes like this are always a challenge, I think we can all agree that they’re also necessary for growth. So with Claire’s departure comes an exciting new chapter for Bridal Musings and with it a brand new editorial team (more on that soon!).

But for now, as it’s her last official day with us (sniff), I wanted to personally thank Claire for all her hard work and reflect a little on her time here at Bridal Musings.

Since she wrote her very first post back in 2011 Claire quickly progressed from part time to full time muser and eventually became the friendly face and voice of BM. She’s written hundreds of posts, read and replied to thousands of emails, pinned, tweeted and Instagrammed the heck out of all things BM and worked alongside some of the best brands in bridal. Claire is one of the most positive, warm, down to Earth people I know, and her sunny disposition helped no end during challenging times at BM HQ.

One of Claire’s many strengths as an editor is her propensity for ‘real-talk’. Instead of glossing over some of the more difficult aspects of weddings, she wanted to dive headfirst into talking and writing about them and I couldn’t have been happier about that. It was an editorial direction that has really helped shape the publication Bridal Musings is today.

Please join me in wishing Claire the very best of luck on her new path. I’ve no doubt she’ll shine just as brightly in her new role as she has at Bridal Musings.