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5 Ways You Can Book The Honeymoon of Your Dreams Right Now

5 Reasons You Can Book Your Honeymoon Right Now 5

Wedding bills and endless planning can cloud the mind from even thinking about a honeymoon; we can’t blame you for wanting to put off planning it to avoid the extra stress! But we’re here with good news: you don’t have to put off your dream honeymoon.

Whether you’re worried about dropping the cash right now, or think your dream honeymoon would simply be too expensive, we’ve got honeymoon hacks to help send you jet setters on your way to a luxurious treat not long after your “I do’s”.

5 Reasons You Can Book Your Honeymoon Right Now 1

1. A Classier Way to Ask For Cash

Thankfully, asking for money for your registry is not quite as taboo as it once was. We agree that spending gift money on a luxurious honeymoon totally trumps receiving that second toaster you don’t need. And better yet, there’s now a classier way to request honeymoon funds rather than outright asking for cash.

Consider setting up a PayPal account as your honeymoon registry. By linking the account to your wedding website, you can avoid the awkward money ask, and let the tech do the talking. Friends and family who use PayPal, can easily transfer gifts funds to you via the a personalized link (or even your email or phone number) then you use the funds to book your travel as soon as you like. As a special bonus, you’ll have an itemized list on PayPal of who to thank following the wedding.

2. The Shoulder-Season is Your Friend

Jetting to the sun-drenched coast of Amalfi at the height of summer isn’t the most cost-effective way to travel. Prices for flights and hotels can skyrocket at peak times in popular places for more than they’re worth. Consider lesser-known destinations for better deals, and try searching “shoulder-season” for hot spots you absolutely can not miss. It’s that perfect time when the weather is still pleasant, and the bustling tourist season has just ended.

For example, you can ferry to Santorini in October, when the weather is still balmy, for a fraction of the price of months before. Then, explore lesser-known islands nearby that will give you more bang for your buck. By picking a time when hotels are emptier, you can score major deals and not compete for that luxe honeymoon suite.

5 Reasons You Can Book Your Honeymoon Right Now 2

3. Travel Deals are Out There

Have a favorite hotel chain you love? Always use the same car rental service? Racking up the miles on your favorite airline? Be sure you reap in the rewards for your loyalty, and give a quick search of any coupon codes that might be out there for your travel purchases.

Check out PayPal’s travel and airline Store Directory for even more deals. PayPal lists the large variety of travel companies that accept PayPal for purchases, and most importantly, which have current promotions to help save you money.

5 Reasons You Can Book Your Honeymoon Right Now 4

4. You Can Book Now and Pay Later

When the wedding planning bills add up it’s hard to prioritize booking travel that won’t happen until after the big day. However, the truth is, you’re more likely to get the best deal for your honeymoon while planning the wedding, rather than after.

Travel prices, particularly flights, are typically cheapest ninety days before take-off. By using PayPal Credit* you can get more time to pay, which means you can reserve your flights and rooms now, then pay them off incrementally over time (and use that wedding gift money!).

And one important perk that shouldn’t be forgotten is the security (and peace of mind!) that PayPal can bring, knowing that you’re booking securely on sites you may not typically shop on but also for those once-in-a-lifetime experiences you purchase once you get to your destination.

5 Reasons You Can Book Your Honeymoon Right Now 3

5. Register For Your Travel Goods

As much as I love monetary gifts, there’s still something special about unwrapping something, and chances are you might have one or two guests that feel the same. After you’ve set up your PayPal honeymoon registry, perhaps pick out a few travel goodies and gadgets to register for as well.

Ask to upgrade that dusty college era backpacking bag to a sporty new luggage set, and pick out a few things you might want to buy before the trip like cameras and luxe mini toiletries. Every fun and practical gift saves you a bit in the long run to spend on the honeymoon.

*PayPal Credit is subject to credit approval as determined by the Lender, Comenity Capital Bank, Salt Lake City, Utah.


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