I was going to write ‘groomal musings' but it just sounds horrid doesn't it?! Groomly it is…

This is a cut out and keep guide for the special man in your life on how to tie a bow tie. After all, a wedding is one of very few times he may actually wear one!

Forage self tie bow ties are the stylish bow tie of choice for men and women. All the cool kids are wearing them.

But when faced with what is basically a long strip of material, how do you make it go from this…

…to this!


Here's how:

Bow Ties by Forage | Groom in bow tie by Jose Villa | Infographic by Conor Whelan |

But if that's too much like hard work, he could always get a clip on!

Are you digging grooms in bow ties? Or do you prefer ties?