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Meet Bridal Musings’ New Managing Editor, Claire Eliza!

Meet Bridal Musings New Managing Editor Claire Eliza

I know what you’re thinking, didn’t we just say goodbye to Claire? Alas, Bridal Musings combed the wedding world and found another flower crown obsessed, wedding loving Claire Eliza.

For years I’ve traveled the world photographing seventy weddings, obsessing over bridal fashion, contributing weddings to Bridal Musings, and on “the big day” I find myself working as photographer, therapist, bridesmaid, emergency sew-bride-into-dress seamstress, mother-in-law navigator, hugger and crier.

I’m the girl at the wedding who meets the bride and groom that morning, and cries all night behind the lens – I’m a total sap.  I can’t wait to get teary over all your special weddings, and continue to bring forth all the stylish inspiration Bridal Musings has always brought to me.

I’m a Bride Too!

Nearly a month ago, on holiday in Milos, Greece (which I highly recommend) my boyfriend Jack and I climbed a little mountain in the most picturesque village of Plaka to watch the sunset over the Aegean.  When we reached the top, Jack and I were hugging and he said “you know how I always tell you I want to spend my life with you..” and reached into his pocket, I gasped, he got down on one knee, we cried and laughed, I said yes.  It was magic.

Now we’re planning, and I have already searched the BM archives for plenty of help and inspiration.  For instance, “If you’re having an intimate faraway wedding, is it okay to throw a big NYC engagement party bash?” (answers welcome!) I’m scouring the destination section for the perfect Airbnb villa venue.



Meet Bridal Musings’ New Managing Editor Claire Eliza | Croatia 1
Meet Bridal Musings’ New Managing Editor Claire Eliza | Croatia 3

My Wedding Style

I’m a country girl who grew up riding horses in the Pacific Northwest. Once I became a photographer, I split time between the concrete jungle of NYC (Williamsburg, Brooklyn is home) and my beloved Paris.

I am so nostalgic for boho gowns, flower crowns and countryside barbecues. But the New Yorker in me has taken over, I find myself attracted to tailored jumpsuits, silk slip gowns, and Rime Arodaky’s “rocker bride” persona.

I dream about us walking down the aisle to the country tunes of Glen Campbell, and we’ll be bringing along our city folk for a hip and happening foodie feast. As we’re always on the road, it has to be a destination wedding.  Jack wants it to be like Cecelia and Dario’s – I’m going to use all my wedding powers to make it happen.

Really, for me it’s all about the two of us marrying eachother. I’m so excited for the joyous and very intimate celebration we get with our closest of family and friends. My ultimate advice I always give all my couples, whatever you do for your wedding, you don’t have to explain yourself to others, make your celebration absolutely “you”.

Favorite Wedding Features

I am very lucky. My friend group is entirely full of past clients, wedding guests, childhood friends turned brides and grooms, I’ve photographed nearly all my friend’s weddings and can recount so many amazing adventures and meaningful nights.

Leila and Arnauld’s Moroccan bash is a week I’ll never forget. From howling and laughing in the Hammam while women scrubbed salts into my scraped up knees. To the henna ceremony filled with music and dancers from each family’s village.

At the wedding, there were snake charmers, tarot readers, Moroccan pancakes, five different dresses, henna artists, roasting pigs, scorpions in the pool, and a party that ended when we all passed out at seven am.

I could fill a book with all my wedding stories but that’s for another time. For now you can visit my website and read about the Seattle Pizza Party, my Alsatian Princess, A Night at The Ace Hotel and so many more.



I’m so excited to embark on this journey with you! Expect plenty of honeymoon and destination wedding guides, helpful planning tips and real talk galore.

I’d love to hear your bridal musings too (after all I’m going to need your wedding help!) so feel free to reach out.

If you’d like to share your wedding or have any fun and helpful feature suggestions let’s connect! You can find me hanging out on the Bridal Musings Pinterest page, curating fun Insta stories and obsessing over flower crowns and weddings with horses (gah! So pretty!). You can also follow my adventures on my personal Instagram below.

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