I LOVE the idea of a meaningful message on the bride's shoes…

It's such a special little touch! It could be a secret only the bride knows about, the perfect photo opportunity or a fortune telling exercise {see DIY below}.


Wedding shoe decals ~ for when the bride leaves her maiden name behind and becomes a Mrs.

These decals are made out of durable vinyl and can even be customised with different wording too! They are available from Etsy and cost $12.


I'm not quite sure how well this would work…but how about getting busy with a Sharpie permanent marker? You could write the classic ‘I Do' {‘I' on one sole, ‘do' on the other} or as above ‘Mrs…' on one sole, ‘Est.' and your wedding date on the other.

Or, you could follow the Greek/Turkish/American tradition of having your bridesmaids/single relatives write their names on the soles of your shoes, then once you've danced the night away, see whose name's have been scrubbed off. Apparently, they will be next to marry!

{Image via Pinterest}

If you do decide to go down the DIY route, I recommend asking a friend with fabulous handwriting to help you and make sure the person with the pen is nowhere near your wedding dress!

So would you BUY or DIY?

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