The Danish hygge trend is taking over interiors and fashion making life more cozy and intimate. From warmer clothing choices to spending quality time with loved ones, these lifestyle trends can certainly be used to help make your wedding morning the most relaxing and enjoyable start to any day.

What is hygge anyway? Well, there's no direct translation into English, but think cozy, fuzzy, warm vibes, taking time to appreciate your surroundings, and living in the moment. I've got the warm and cozy part down – as I sit here writing in my furry moccasins, Mexican blanket and space heater at my side – but there are plenty more hygge tips to incorporate into your wedding morning.

With help from this gorgeous boudoir shoot from Ferri Photography, we've got seven hygge tips to keep you cozy and with a warm heart on your wedding day.

Stay An Extra Hour In Bed

Excited for the day, you may wake up at the crack of dawn, but staying an extra hour or so in bed (even if you're awake!) will give you that extra beauty rest you need for your wedding day.

Refrain from setting early alarms and scheduling beauty appointments for the moment you awake. If anything absolutely needs to be done early in the morning, delegate the task to another early riser or your hired hands.

Keep Warm & Cozy

If you're like me and you get the chills in the dead of summer, make sure you have plenty of blankets, sweaters, comfy socks, and your favorite furry slippers. Winter weddings inspire so much hygge, but even summer weddings can have chilly mornings. (Hello, Northern readers!)

Pair those cute bridal kimonos with luxe cardigans, or better yet don that plush hotel robe as you wander about your bridal suite. Cozy up by the fire when you can, watching the flames can be so enchanting and relaxing.

Enjoy Warm & Soothing Drinks

To soothe your insides and calm those stomach butterflies, craft a few warm drinks upon waking up. Beyond coffee and tea, if you need some “extra help” relaxing how about a hot toddy? Whisky can calm the nerves, warm spices tickle the senses, and lemon refreshes your palette.

Incorporate Natural Items Into Your Environment

Part of the hygge philosophy is incorporating natural materials in your environment. If your floral arrangements arrive the day before, decorate your suite artfully with the blooms, to get even more use of your special bouquets.

Spend time enjoying the fresh air by picking wildflowers to wear in your hair, even if just the morning of. (How cute would those getting ready portraits be?!)

Write a Few Thankyous For Your Wedding Day

Remind yourself what this day is all about by writing a few thank yous to give to special people on your wedding day. Thinking about how grateful you are for the people who share this moment in your life will put any wedding day snafus in perspective.

Choose a Loose, Easy-Going Bridal Hairtstyle

Like we said prior, refrain from scheduling long, early morning beauty appointments. Request your hairstylist to work at the venue or in your bridal suite. Set up your chair in the most beautiful, calm spot you can find.

Plan a hairstyle that doesn't take too much time to do (giving you extra time to enjoy yourself that morning!) and that improves as it changes throughout the day. Romantic, messy braids and buns require very little upkeep as you celebrate and any falling pieces look intentional, so you don't need to stress how your do looks six hours later during photos.

Eat Comforting Meals & Treats

One of Denmark's (the hygge epicenter!) most popular treats are tibirkes, a delicious squishy poppy seed roll. The morning of your wedding, make sure you eat plenty (because you may forget most of the day) and don't be afraid to indulge in sweet, comforting treats.

I love adding poppy seeds to these sticky lemon rolls, they're fluffy and decadent, but the lemon gives them a fresher, brighter, lighter taste than richer cinnamon rolls. You can make the dough and buns the night before and just pop them in the oven when you wake up, filling the house with that calming yeasty scent of freshly baked rolls.

Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

How often do you have so many people you love in one place? Have your friends and family near you to keep you relaxed and distracted from any stresses a don't starve yourself from your significant other if they're the one that can calm you the best.

Plan a little hike, relaxing swim or easy bicycle ride to spend time with your loves, and make sure you're plenty warm for the duration. I plan on working up a sweat while horseback riding the morning of our day, those gentle beasts keep me calm and centered.

Have you embraced the hygge lifestyle? Any extra tips you'd add to this list?

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