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Engagement Ring 101: What’s Your Ideal Diamond Ring Shape?

Engagement Ring 101 What’s Your Ideal Diamond Ring Shape | Emerald Cut | Joseph Jewelry 7

Isn’t it funny when you are planning a wedding (or engagement) you suddenly become an expert in things you had no idea about whatsoever? When Jack and I got engaged we told our loved ones over the phone, and when asked about the ring I had no clue how to describe it, “big, sparkly, diamond?” I knew nothing about the beauty glimmering on my finger, turns out I needed a little Engagement Ring 101.

It’s incredible – with just a base knowledge about engagement rings – how many unique custom designs you can create. We consulted our friends at Joseph Jewelry who have been super helpful experts for us on Bridal Musings for quite some time! Previously, they’ve taught us quite a bit about gemstones, and today they’re gifting us a little Engagement Ring 101 on different ring shapes (who knew there were so many!)

The experts rang in with their advice to ring shoppers: choose the shape that attracts you. Don’t be afraid to try on different shapes. If you’re looking for the biggest stone you can find for your budget, try oval, marquise, or pear. For the biggest sparkle, go with round.

Whether you want to keep it simple with a round cut solitaire (mine, I’ve learned!) or create something unique with marquise diamonds, Joseph Jewelry offers endless customizations, to design the ring of you or your loved one’s dreams. In their custom design process, expert jewelry designers can mock up designs for you with different shapes. In the 3D stage, they can send you a wax model to try on the piece before your dream ring is created – talk about assurance!

Engagement Ring 101 What’s Your Ideal Diamond Ring Shape | Joseph Jewelry 3

Round Cut Diamond Rings

Let’s start with the most popular, and likely perceived most classic of all ring shapes. With a round brilliant diamond (which is most round diamonds today), you’re able to get the most sparkle. With vintage round cuts, such as an Old European cut, you can achieve a beautiful colorful shimmer.

If your love is a sparkly one (definitely me) or perhaps you’re at a loss at what style your significant other might like, a round cut diamond ring is the safest bet. Classic, sparkly, simple but far from boring, a solitaire should win any heart. Or, glam it up with halo diamonds and sapphires like this beauty to the right.

Engagement Ring 101 What’s Your Ideal Diamond Ring Shape | Round Cut | Joseph Jewelry

Princess Cut Diamond Rings

One new concept I’m learning is how different cuts give off more color or more shimmer in their sparkle. The princess cut, another exceedingly popular shape at the moment, gives off quite a lot of color as your flicker your ring in the light.

Princess cut stones are gorgeous in solitaire designs, but are also often accompanied by side stones. We find this rose gold band with aquamarine accents to have that girly copper & aqua color scheme fitting for a princess bride.

Engagement Ring 101 What’s Your Ideal Diamond Ring Shape | Princess Cut | Joseph Jewelry

Cushion Cut Diamond Rings

Now we get to shimmering! Cushion cut diamonds, square or rectangular diamonds with rounded corners, have a sort of “crushed-ice” look, giving off a fantastic, glitzy, shimmer as opposed to the clear cut sparkle of princess or round cut diamonds.

Shopping through Joseph Jewelry’s dizzying array of fabulous cushion cut engagement rings, we think adding even more shimmer to the setting is a definite yes. A double halo with diamonds throughout the band? We imagine a disco ball effect with this shimmering beauty.

Engagement Ring 101 What’s Your Ideal Diamond Ring Shape | Cushion Cut | Joseph Jewelry 4

Oval Cut Diamond Rings

Now let’s get into carat weight. Perhaps you’re a designer, engineer, practically or visually minded person? If you want to make the most efficient use of your carat weight, start looking at oval cut diamonds.

Similar to round cut in sparkle and style, oval cut diamonds by nature of shape cover more space on your finger, appearing larger than a round cut diamond and even more flattering for your finger.

Pair your oval diamonds with round ones to keep the brilliance alive and sparkling, and for a pretty & unique look, try a rose gold band.

Engagement Ring 101 What’s Your Ideal Diamond Ring Shape | Oval Cut | Joseph Jewelry

Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

Lovers of vintage style will swoon over emerald cut diamonds. Popularized in the 1920s, this shape gives off a classic old-time glamour.

Their long rectangular cuts show off the color and clarity of the diamond, making it look luxuriously glassy. A geology buff too will love gazing into the lines of this gorgeous stone.

A solitaire setting with a bold white gold band will keep the ring on a vintage style side, while customizing pairing this emerald cut halo setting with a rose gold band is ultimately modern and glamorous, bridging the century time gap.


Engagement Ring 101 What’s Your Ideal Diamond Ring Shape | Emerald Cut | Joseph Jewelry 2

Marquise Diamond Rings

Marquise is another shape that maximizes carat weight by covering more area. It creates the effect of longer fingers, and is also a popular accent diamond shape in three-stone rings and floral designs, because it is the shape of leaves.

Where does the name come from? The story is that this classic shape dates back to France’s King Louis XIV, who had it specially made to resemble the smile of his mistress, Marquise de Pompadour.

A unique diamond shape can always use more special touches, like baguette diamonds on each side and a rose gold band.

Engagement Ring 101 What’s Your Ideal Diamond Ring Shape | Marquise Cut | Joseph Jewelry

Pear Shaped Diamond Rings

Modern design aficionados will be taken by pear-shaped diamonds. Teardrop shaped, combining both round and marquise cuts, this design is both modern and understated, dainty and elegant. The asymmetrical design maximizes carat weight, again giving the illusion of longer, slimmer fingers.

Maybe my favorite choice of the bunch, this glittering pear-shaped diamond engagement ring is so stunning. The double halo, with alternating round diamonds, looks so different than the classic halo design thanks to the special pear cut. The light yellow gold band gives a delicate, pretty feel, much like a sweet, fall bartlett pear.

Engagement Ring 101 What’s Your Ideal Diamond Ring Shape | Pear Cut | Joseph Jewelry 2

Essential Info

For more information on creating your own custom engagement ring, of any gorgeous shape, size and color, visit the Joseph Jewelry website.

You can check out more of our favorite picks here – and make sure you take a look at Joseph Jewelry’s dedicated Pinterest board for gorgeous engagement and wedding rings.

This post is made in partnership with Joseph Jewelry.

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