Alright Spring brides and grooms, the countdown is on! Two, three, maybe four months away from your wedding day we have to ask you…have you booked your honeymoon? Put away that guest seating chart and let's do some fun travel planning for a change, we've got our top twelve favorite honeymoon destination for Spring newlyweds!

We've chatted a bit recently about reasons you don't need to put off your honeymoon, and if it's getting down to the wire on honeymoon planning, we've rounded up all the best destinations for all types of travelers. Whether you're an adventurous Airbnb trekking couple, or more “fresh towels everyday” luxury lover, there's a perfect Spring honeymoon destination for you.

Honeymoon Destinations For Adventure Seekers

Backpackers, Airbnb lovers, thrill seekers rejoice! So many adventurous honeymoon treks are in their height during the spring, thanks to thawing snow and ice in the Northern Hemisphere and cooling temperatures in the Southern realm.

Safari dreamers will want to head to Tanzania in March, when the humidity drops and before the crowds grow large. Take a tour to the wildlife-rich Serengeti, let a luxury camp plan your stops and safari or DIY your own wildlife trek stopping at smaller wildlife outfitters along the way.

Newlyweds who've always dreamed of a tour through the Southwest, United States should take advantage of the winter thaw and lack of crowds. While the Grand Canyon and Zion are undoubtedly beautiful, consider under-the-radar, and just as majestic Canyon de Chelly.

With the Navajo Nation still residing within the canyon's walls, you get a more authentic, less touristy experience – as in, no tourists at all. Camp for free at the canyon's mouth, or pay a ($11) visit to Howard's Spider Rock Campground with one of the most incredible views I, myself, have ever seen in my life. Listen to the echoes of wild horses stampede through the canyon below, and see if you can count the millions of stars above.

Luxurious Honeymoon Destinations

Beachside massages, Balinese teak wood cottages, incredibly crafted cuisine, and a whole lot of relaxation are to be had anywhere along the coast of Vietnam. Thanks to the country's incredible affordability, you can find a luxury honeymoon that fits most any couple's budget.

Visit the charming small beach village of Hoi An, and stay for $60 a night in this antique filled Vietnamese villa, (away from the backpacker crowd) just steps from the sand. The villa comes with bicycles – to tour the rice paddies and make friends with water buffalo – and a private chef who arrives daily to prepare authentic and bountiful Vietnamese meals as part of the nightly rate!

Photo via Six Senses

Looking to splurge? A number of eye-catching, five-star resorts lie along the Southern coast in Nha Trang. We have our eyes on Six Senses, with their private villas, sexy bathrooms, spa treatments and gorgeous seaside views.

Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

Looking to get the most bang for your buck on your honeymoon? Spring is luckily the “shoulder-season” for so many popular destinations, helping you snag that coveted honeymoon suite. But you don't have to sacrifice the best weather for a good price; we've selected destinations that are both budget-friendly and have fabulous Spring climates.

Discover Morocco at its best in the Springtime. Temperatures range in the 70s throughout the country, and prices are always cheap, whether travel is peak or off-peak. Visit the gorgeous blue-walled city of Chefchouen, shop the souks of Marrakech while relaxing at a luxurious riad for just $30 a night, enjoy easy-going beach vibes and one euro lobster in Essaouira and take that once in a lifetime desert trek through the Sahara.

While most of Europe has yet to warm to beach weather, the Canary Islands are nearly always honeymoon-ready. With inexpensive flights from nearly all of Europe (and falling prices even from the USA!) the Canaries remain one of the warmest and most budget-friendly destinations in Europe each Spring. Rent an ocean view private chalet for $70 a night, visit the moon-like volcanic wineries, and enjoy fresh from the boat seafood.

Honeymoon Destinations For Foodies

Maybe you're like Jack and I and you travel purely for food? While your taste certainly decides what destination is honeymoon worthy, our picks are diverse in flavor and price.

top spring honeymoon destination ideas charleston south carolina foodie

Photo by Claire Eliza

The smallest city in America with enough fine dining to earn it's own Eater office, and the refuge of many NYC chefs and sommeliers, is the charming Southern food mecca, Charleston, South Carolina. The weather in the Spring is divine, and the summer crowds have yet to arrive.

Stay in one of the classic, colorful colonial homes on the peninsula, and spend your days sampling the city's Southern food (until you can't walk anymore). Visit Sean Brock's celebration of Southern cuisine at Husk and have a whiskey cocktail and aged ham at his historic bar next door. Find out what makes low-country oysters so special at 167 Raw, and don't leave town until you've had a few pounds of garlic crab and crawfish at Nonna's Seafood.

While most of Thailand is growing hellishly hot, Chiang Mai, in the northern high country, remains quite pleasant into Spring. Boasting one of the world's greatest food scenes – vibrant markets, gloriously inexpensive street food, and a number of foodie festivals every year – this destination should top the list for any foodiw newlyweds. Rent a gorgeous Thai home, take cooking classes t0 perfect your som tum and sticky rice, and frequent the market stalls for arguably the best street food in Thailand.

Culture Lovers' Honeymoon Destinations

My own dreamy image of Japan is temples surrounded by fluffy pink cherry blossoms, and I bet yours is too. Spring, of course, is the one and only time you can catch this natural explosion of pink blossoms. Stay in a zen friendly space in Kyoto, explore the town's many temples and gardens, experience Japan's culture and tantalizing cuisine, and see the city's famous display of cherry blossoms.

Another bright and flowery destination rich with culture and history is The Netherlands. The yearly tulip festival spans from mid-March to the end of May, making it a very flexible journey. Visit Van Gogh's museum in Amsterdam, traverse the many canals and rent a car to drive out of town through fields and fields of colorful tulips. Dreaming of visiting Holland's many charming windmills? Why not stay in one?!

All-Inclusive Honeymoon Destinations

Did wedding planning wear you out? Would you rather leave the honeymoon plans in the hands of the pros? Consider an all-inclusive style honeymoon where the only planning you have to do is the destination itself.

The Caribbean boasts beautiful weather in the Spring, with dry days and respite from cold weather in the North. Located on one of the most serene and beautiful beaches of the Dominican Republic (and perhaps even the Caribbean) is Sublime Samana. Far away from the heavily touristed resorts of Punta Cana, you'll find refuge in your own villa just steps from the sea. With sweet breakfasts of local fruit and coconuts, and a beachside restaurant grilling up the fresh catch of the day on a nightly basis, you may never find a reason to wander off the luxury compound.

top spring honeymoon destination ideas tulum mexico beach

Photo via Be Tulum

Just south of Cancun is the now trending little eco-resort town, Tulum. Hip city folk are flocking to this ruin filled Mexican beach town, we predict Tulum may gain a nickname as the sixth borough soon (are you from Brooklyn? Have you been to Tulum? Thought so!) As the town rises in popularity amongst hipsters and luxury travelers alike, you'll find all-inclusive style hotels less polished than their neighbors in Cancun – in a good way.

Be Tulum offers everything you could need from an all-inclusive resort – meals, drinks, private access to the beach – but doesn't require you to buy into everything at once. Enjoy all the luxurious amenities the resort has to offer, and wander into town whenever you fancy trying the local gourmet fare.

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