Imagine yourself in a sun-drenched loft in Soho, NYC. An espresso steams in front of you, vintage 80s wedding photos artfully taped to the walls, and a wild looking Maine Coon brushes by you. Lana del Rey's “Shades Of Cool” echos off the ceiling's skylight. No, I'm not just describing my NYC dream life, but rather our exclusive first look at the totally modern Eden Collection by Livne White.

A dream appointment for myself, it was a pleasure photographing the remarkably sophisticated, 80s-inspired wedding dress collection. I know, it sounds like a contradiction in terms but roll with me here.

Are you one of those girls who digs on the unabashed styles of the 80s, just wishing perhaps for less polyester and more flattering lines? Eden is just that. With beyond luxurious silks and avant-garde details, Alon Livne has taken the volume of our loudest eras of la mode and infused it into a totally fashion-forward, and tasteful bridal line.

A simple and stunning long-sleeved gown, Melissa, gains power with one fluttering sleeve. What may be executed as over-the-top by any other designer, masterful Alon Livne uses light organza fabric and creates feminine curves, softening the otherwise straightforward gown.

In another powerful silhouette, Livne White drops the shoulder in this sexy, tailored wrap gown. With a thigh-high slit and serious attitude, this gown is for any modern bride wishing to channel her favorite badass-boss-power suit (one of the greatest wardrobe additions to come from the 80s) into a wedding dress.

A few of his gowns go all-the-way, hitting hard on the 80s theme and dancing across the line in a remarkable way: the gowns are still so fresh. Yes, we have your mom's puffy 80s sleeves, but the gown underneath is flattering, sophisticated, and in liquid silk (goodbye satin).

A cowl back gown gets the nostalgic treatment thanks to styling choices, giving you permission to pack those vintage summer sunnies you secretly purchased.

Not every dress in the collection, however, is entirely 80's. You'll find lighter, bohemian gowns sharing the same feminine details and vintage sentiments.

A v-neck, long sleeve gown gains modernity from sheer lace panels and streams of signature buttons down the sleeves. The collection includes a sexy, ruffle and lace boho gown with spaghetti straps and a more powerful Gloria gown with a bold belt.

Back by popular demand (we hope we had even a little to do with that), the Eden Collection include another iconic, oversized Livne White bridal hat, this time in lace. Any brides looking for the statement accessory, this is it.

Finally, we save the best for last. Combining favorite details from past seasons, and a name fit for this period collection, Nancy is the star. Amazing ruffles around the neck, airy long sleeves, intricate lines and light ruffles, this gown is so very Livne White, and absolutely fit for the modern, sophisticated bride.

See the entire collection on the Livne White website. The collection ranges from $2700-$5700 and is available in select boutiques worldwide.

Want to spend your own day in the fabulous Soho studio? In addition to his bridal line, Livné is opening his NYC studio to brides looking for an unforgettable premium experience. Meet the Alon (he's lovely!) while he personally designs an exclusive tailormade gown just for you.

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