Are your bridesmaids, lady friends, moms and moms-in-laws flower lovers? Okay, who isn't? When it comes to gifting and gift receiving I'm first and foremost heading to the neighborhood floral shop.

But when you're thanking the ladies in your life for all the wedding prep and support they've given it's likely time to find a gift that's ever-lasting, which is why we consulted with Lacie Porta – the floral preservation maven behind Framed Florals – for all the best botanical inspired gifts you can buy.

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We've gushed a bit in the past about Lacie's incredible service but we can't help but do it again, pressing and framing your bouquet in a stylish and modern fashion, Framed Florals perserves your precious wedding bouquet forever! (Getting teary eyed just thinking about it.) We asked Lacie a few q's about her favorite flowers (peony lovers unite!) and she's gifted us with quite the luxurious and creative bridesmaid gift-giving advice.

What are your favorite flowers for framing or just for admiring?

All the flowers! My favorite flowers are always evolving, at the moment I’m loving giant fluffy pink peonies. Peony season is always such a short and special time, I’m sad it’s over! Ranunculus are a standby favorite. Thistle are a house favorite, I love the way they dry out in my vases in my apartment. My favorites to press are astrantia because they retain their color so nicely and press so perfectly!

Did you gift anything special to the ladies in your life for your own wedding?

The morning of my wedding I gifted my bridesmaids dainty gold necklaces. I picked them out from Vera Meat in Williamsburg. On the thin gold chain was one teeny tiny skeleton key. They all wore them at the wedding, and I loved how it in a way symbolized that they were all a key part of me. I bought one for myself too, because I’m definitely a key part of them too! Wearing it reminds me of them, and my special day.

Do you have any favorite shops in New York for fabulous gifts?

So many favorites! Home of the Brave for the most gorgeous and unique homewares. Upstate Stock for all New York made goods and lots of gifts for the boys in my life! Marche Maman where there’s always a new and interesting vendor, lots of gorgeous french brands, and the most interesting and pretty wares. Catbird when I’m in the mood to gift myself something fabulous!

Lacie's Botanical Inspired Gift List

Rose Lip Scrub – An absolute favorite of mine, made with rose oil, gives my lips a refreshing exfoliation! Perfect for the ladies in your life, and a fun excuse to have a spa-night before the big day!

Framed wedding bouquet by Framed Florals

Framed Wedding Flowers – Turn your wedding flowers into keepsakes for yourself, and for the special ladies in your life. Your wedding flowers can be pressed, preserved, and framed to create a sentimental keepsake that you can hang on your wall to remind you of your wedding day forever!

Floral Robe – My favorite robe from the Loulette Lingerie line! A piece you can gift the girls in your wedding party, or even gift to yourself! It’s something you’ll look adorable in for the getting ready photos on your wedding day, and you’ll be able to rock for years and years to come!

Pink Dahlia Candle – I’m in love with all of Apothoke’s scents, and this one is heavenly. Who wouldn’t want their home to smell like sweet florals and warm musk? Perfect to burn as you’re getting dolled up for your wedding! They’re made in Brooklyn too!

Dyed silk hall hanging by Framed Florals photographed by Janina Santillan

Wedding Flower Dyed Silk – Preserve your wedding day by using petals, leaves, and flowers to naturally dye silk. Gift these one-of-a-kind sentimental silks to the women who helped make your wedding amazing. Remember your day as your silk is used as a wall hanging or table runner!

Wildflower Thank You Card – Nothing like putting pen to paper and giving a heartfelt thank you to those who help make your life wonderful. The best part is, they can plant the card and wildflowers will grow from the seeds embedded in the paper!

Floral Bath Soak – I love to soak in a nice hot bath, unwind from crazy days. I’m sure the ladies in your life would enjoy it too! This bath soak is from the prettiest apothecary on the first floor of my studio building too!

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