Who else jumps straight into shopping for your girls when gifting season arrives? Whether your wedding is soon upon us or a bit down the road, you want to pop the “will you be my bridesmaid?” question or like me – the big day already happened, these gifts picked by Plum Pretty Sugar‘s CEO Charlotte Hale are just cozy enough to pamper your best ladies through the Winter.

From soft & comfy robes (the very same I gifted my gals at my wedding last month!) stargazing guides, to a fabulous boob bath mat – Charlotte is clearly a friend we all want to have. Captain of the ever-trendy brand of robes, pajamas, dresses & bridesmaid gifts galore she's dished to us her favorite Plum Pretty Sugar pieces and cozy items she'd gift even her own gals.

Read our interview with the robe trendsetter & shop her gift list below!

Eyelet fringe, sheer silk embroidery, printed silk – of all the amazing designs what’s your favorite robe you’re gifting this season?

Gifting Plum Pretty Sugar for the Holidays is one of my favorite things. I tend to gift a variety of silhouettes along coordinating print lines. I like to select a print I think someone might like and create a gift around it.

For instance, I might like our new Boheme print for a friend. I think about what styles might work for them…it might be a beautiful pajama set accompanied by a cosmetic bag. For another friend, I might select Tigerlila and select a midi robe and darling pajama shorts. For a pregnant friend, I might select a maternity dress or a maternity robe and an eye or sleep mask.

I like to keep them surprised with pretty floral robes and pajama sets… but also include a little something extra.

Which pieces would you say are the coziest for keeping warm this holiday season (and winter weddings?!)

This season we introduced a long sleeve pajama set. It’s the most beautiful set with luxe piping and buttons and in our super high-quality rayon. Definitely number one! Number two would be a floral robe or kimono robe in a long ankle length. We’ve got up to 18 different prints in our floral robes – so many gorgeous options for holiday gifting or bridesmaid robe gifting.

What’s your dream ladies’ weekend? Where would it be, what would you do, and which robes would match the vibes?

Right now I’m really into a new hotel in Laguna Beach called Hotel Joaquin. It’s the sister property to Korakia in Palm Springs that I love so much. I grew up in Orange County, CA (via Yorkshire in the UK) and Laguna always pulls at my heart. Honestly, I think my girlfriends and I would relax…and have a few drinks. We keep busy with businesses and family so relaxing is heaven. My favorite is an umbrella-ed lounge chair with an abundant side table for multiple snacks, drinks and lots of magazines.

Pool or beachside we’d wear Plum Pretty Sugar Hibiscus floral robes as cover-ups. Evenings and mornings, we’d do midi or ankle robes. I'm personally loving the extra bit coverage and length – it feels sophisticated, elegant and just pretty. And for room hangs, our new Flounce pants and Tees. They go from indoor to outdoors and I love that.

Any hints to what’s inspiring the next fabulous season of print & colors for Plum Pretty Sugar?

Great question! Honestly, I have to keep it fairly mum. We’re a category creator and leader and we consistently innovate and push boundaries. 2019 marks ten years of business for Plum Pretty Sugar so you’ll see some special things for sure.

Charlotte Hale's Cozy Bridesmaid Gift List

1. Plum Pretty Sugar Pajama Set

2. Plum Pretty Sugar Cosmetic Bags

3. Plum Pretty Sugar Hibiscus Robe

4. Plum Pretty Sugar Eyemasks

5. Star Power Book “I love astrology, it's fun to read with friends & bridesmaids too.” – Charlotte

6. Dry Bar Faves

7. Birdies Songbird Slippers

8. Blue Sky Planners “Can't live without them, I like mine in black.” – Charlotte

9. Ritual Vitamins

10. Glossier Balm Trio

11. Drunk Elephant Rescue Party

12. Boob Bath Mat

13. Pom Pom Cushions

14. Irene Niuwirth Jewelry “Obsessed but expensive and worth it!” – Charlotte

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