I’ve been shopping for my own upcoming nuptials this year, and it’s not been easy to find a stylish pair of booties worthy of pairing with my wedding gown. While I’m not having an over-the-top formal affair, I’m still hoping to find a pair of bridal boots that feel like a perfect complement to my dress. I know I can’t be the only bride looking for incredible wedding boots!

While I might fall into the “Rock & Roll” category of this post, I’ve rounded up my favorite boots and booties for any type of bride hoping to look and feel absolutely amazing in a killer pair of shoes. Whether you are more simple and chic, a boho goddess, or even looking for something flirty and dainty, this is your complete bridal bootie go-to shopping list. In the words of style icon Stevie Nicks, “I wear my boots all summer long,” and your wedding day should be no exception!

Bridal Booties for the Clean & Chic Vixen

For the modern bride whose dress is clean and timeless, these are the most chic booties around. They’re simple, sleek, and add that bit of something cool to your bridal look. Minimal brides, you know your best angles, so amplify your upscale style with a pair of these. You’ll be picture-perfect from dawn until dusk.


Bridal Booties for the Colorful Queen

Looking for that “something blue,” or red, or purple? Here’s your “pop” of color! Catching a glimpse of a boldly colored shoe from beneath an extravagant gown is a fabulous and unexpected surprise. Whether these booties steal the show, or they’re tucked away beneath your bal lgown, they are undeniably fierce.


Bridal Booties for the Rock & Roll Maven

For the bride who loves fashion and doesn’t give a damn – these boots are for you! Rock a bold snakeskin print, studs, metallics, or even stars. Does your gown have a mile-high slit begging for a peek-a-boo shoe moment? Maybe you’re non-traditional in every sense of the word. My advice? Play by your own rules! The sky’s truly the limit in these boots.


Bridal Booties for the Dainty & Playful Cutie

Maybe you’re a little bit vintage, whimsical, or even rocking a short dress to city hall. These booties are complimented with softer lace details, subdued pastel hues, and plenty of charm. They’ll be sure to add an element of fun to your ensemble while still feeling every bit bridal and special.


Bridal Booties for the Boho Wilderness Babe

If you’re ready to hike into the hills or run off into the desert and elope – these neutrals are perfect. These shoes are guaranteed to pair with a drapey, lacey, or funky wedding look. Starry-eyed babes, get ready to run off into the wildflowers! All of nature’s elements will agree with your free spirit and these natural-toned boots.

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