Are you a budding wedding photographer with the curiosity of a cat? Major fan of the biggest, raddest wedding photographers of our day and want to learn their tricks? We're so excited to share these twenty-something courses with you!

Photo by Rebecca Yale

We've partnered with The Bundle Co to offer the Photography Bundle – a selection of 21 online courses & eBooks fit to inspire & teach the tricks of the trade to any budding photographer. The bundle costs $98.50 (a 97% discount from if you bought each class on its own – more on that below) available only for a limited time: February 4 – 12, 2019.

As a wedding photographer myself, I've taken a multitude of online courses over the years to keep my skills fresh & business booming. After all, when I first learned how to shoot weddings Tumblr was still “the thing” and Instagram was just a dream (sigh).

In the past, I've taken online courses to learn how to create Facebook ads, how to best organize and style my Instagram feed, how to dive deep into advanced features on Photoshop, and even purchased eBooks on how to make my photos look like film. Having learned more about photography outside of college than during my degree, I'm a big supporter of alternative learning, so when The Bundle Co approached us with their Photography Bundle we were so excited at the chance to share this with our lovely readers.

Photo by Tenth & Grace

Hosted by some of our very favorite photographers (many of whom we have featured here on Bridal Musings!), the Photography Bundle includes 21 courses covering a wide range of topics from the basics of lighting & composition to practical guides on engagement sessions and wedding-day shooting.

You can learn how to take even-more-stunning photos with your iPhone (true story: our house is filled with framed photos, all taken from my iPhone and people can never believe it!) For those wanting to dive into film photography, you can learn how to make those creamy, dreamy, fine art film wedding photos with both analog and digital cameras (like Corinne's hybrid photos from our own wedding day!)

Photo by Rebecca Yale

The list is so good, so jam-packed with wedding industry all-stars, that I must share with you some of our favorite classes available in the bundle:

1. The Capture Course by Lindsay Davenport
2. iPhone Photography Course by Haus of Layne
3. All About Bad Lighting by Justin & Mary
4. A Practical Engagement Course by Abby Grace
5. The Wedding Course by Julie Paisley
6. Boudoir Photography Guide by Jen Huang
7. Composition 101 Course by If I Made
8. Flat Lay Introduction Course by Rebecca Yale
9. Foundations In Film Photography by Nancy Ray
10. The Hybrid Photography (Film + Digital) Guide by Tenth & Grace
11. How To Book Clients With A Small Portfolio by Abby Waller
12. How To Build A Successful Photography Business by Kylee Ann

You can even learn how to get featured on magazines and blogs like Bridal Musings with Shooting For A Publication by Belle Lumière Magazine (swoon!)

Photo by Rebecca Yale

The best part is, the Photography Bundle altogether costs only $98.50. Were you to purchase each course on their own you'd be spending a grand total of $3,898.99 – giving you a whopping 97% off the entire package price.

What's awesome, too, is that once you've signed up for the courses, you can download them all and keep them on your computer, DropBox, or wherever you hide your digital treasures forever (just like you did those college textbooks – am I right?!) And – get this – there are editing presets included as an added bonus from the amazing ladies from The Light and Airy Photographer.

Photo by Jen Huang

So, if you're intrigued you can take a gander through the full list and information on The Bundle Co's website and make sure you do it in a timely matter – this deal is available until February 12, 2019, at 11:59 PST.

See you all out in the field shutterbugs!