I recently sent off packages in the mail to my bridesmaids filled with goodies and special surprise gifts. I’m a believer in personalizing everything as much as possible (I even made them their own exclusive Spotify playlists!) and love finding the “perfect” presents.

For anyone struggling with what to buy your bridesmaids as a token of your love, we’ve found the most unique and one-of-a-kind gifts, all from Etsy! These are handmade, cool, and cultivated as a collection of gifts we’d love to give, and know they’d love to receive.

These bridesmaid or bridesman gifts are non-traditional in the best way – because they aren’t wedding themed! These are specific to their personalities, their hobbies, and what brings them joy. Maybe your bestie spends all their time baking at home and hosting small get-togethers. Or maybe they are an animal-obsessed pet owner in need of these amazing crystal pet tags! This is a list of the most artsy and unique gifts to give your special crew, whether bridesmaid, family, or friend, these items are unlike anything we’ve seen elsewhere.

Starry Eyed State-of-Mind

Here’s some astrology-themed art for the gal pal who’s daydreaming and analytical of the daily happenings in life. Select some funky art for her wall, an adorable “catch-all” bowl for her jewelry and gems, or even an accurately curated scent. It shows that not only do you listen to her weekly analysis of her horoscope, but you also feel the effects of Mercury in retrograde. Let your friend know all of the little details of their personality matter.

1. Constellation Watercolor Art

2. Constellation Embroidery Hoop

3. Matted Zodiac Print

4. Zodiac Ring Dish

5. Astrology Soy Candle

6. Zodiac Oil Perfume

Botanical Babe

This babe loves a little luxury and treating themselves to all the goodness that nature offers. Whether bath, room cleansing, or calming, any of these goodies are sure to clear a space and give the gift of sweet-smelling moods. She’s fond of flora (like me!) and appreciates anything with a vintage and old world charm. She’ll love these sweet notebooks to jot down her endless lofty goals and dreams.

7. Facial Tonic & Hair Mist

8. Botanical Bath Soak

9. Pressed Fern Terrarium Earrings

10. Fern Terrarium Ring

11. Botanical Notebook

12. Bird Notebook

13. Botanical Wooden Coptic Journal

Pet Obsessed

You know how much our furry friends matter. They’re basically family! All of these quirky gifts are playful and fun, just like your bestie. These colorful gifts are seriously perfect for your bridesmaid out to adopt every kitty she sees or your best man with a heart bursting for all animal kind. Surprise them with a treat for their little furry one too! And a serious shoutout to the creator of these baguette shaped catnip toys! Or these incredible quartz collar name tags – we love a glamorous pooch!

14. Guinea Pig Pin

15. Pug Bee Pin

16. Cat Paintbrush & Chopstick Rest

17. Llama Succulent Planter

18. Cat Succulent Planter

19. Quartz Pet Tags

20. Baguette Catnip Cat Toy

Foodie Friend

They always know the best places for a happy hour, a breakfast patisserie, or a hidden hole-in-the-wall spot for a steaming bowl of ramen. They know all moments are meant to be shared, and fully appreciate the hand-crafted nature of anything bespoke. From fancy salts to stylish kitchen-wear, spoil your favorite chef with some luxurious accessories you know they’ll put to use right away.

21. Jalapeno Citrus Margarita Rimming Salt

22. Five Piece Gourmet Salts

23. Handcrafted Wooden Bowls

24. Olive Wood Serving Utensils

25. Japanese Cross Back Linen Apron

26. Striped Linen Apron

Party Time Pal

For your friend always down to hang in a moment’s notice, sing along with you at karaoke, and meet for late night dessert endeavors. They are the harbinger of a good time, maybe a little bold, and always colorful. This is a lovely collection of accessories to add to her fashion rotation. Her personality is absolutely electric – all that glitters is gold!

27. Holographic Card Holder

28. White & Black Geometric Earrings

29. Splatter Brass Earrings

30. Emerald Bath Bomb

Need more inspiration to spoil your bridesmaids? Pamper them with gifts from this cozy gift list & take a gander through our shop.