With so many cuts, sizes, diamonds, gemstones, settings, bands & jewelers available these days it can be hard to know where to start when engagement ring shopping. If you're lost in the dizzying array of sparkling jewels – why not look to the stars?

If you're like us, you probably can't resist a little astrology matching when it comes to shopping & fashion, so we were delighted when The Diamond Reserve & Ada Diamonds teamed up for a little astrology reading to find you the best engagement rings for your zodiac sign.

So we have to ask you, what's your sign?

From Kaeleigh Testwuide of The Diamond Reserve:

Earth Signs – Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus

Those with the Earth sign are known for keeping it real. They’re usually very grounded and stable people. They are practical but can be materialistic. When searching for an engagement ring for Earth Zodiac signs, you should think timeless, and focus most of your budget into the center diamond to get them the biggest and best diamond that fits your budget. Stick with the classic and regal shapes; round, emerald cut, and the oval, and keep a close eye on the quality of the diamond to ensure your significant other only sees sparkle and beauty!

Nothing is more timeless and classic as the round brilliant diamond set in a six prong solitaire setting! This setting allows you to put nearly your entire budget into the center diamond, allowing you to capitalize on size and quality of the center diamond. This engagement ring will never go out of style, the perfect fit for the grounded Earth signs.

This oval diamond set with tapered baguettes is a regal and timeless engagement ring look. The oval cut diamond faces up nice and big per its carat weight, giving a big look! Tapered baguettes accent the center diamond subtly, but never taking the show away from the center oval diamond.

Fire Signs – Aries, Sagittarius, Leo

Those with the fire sign are known for being very passionate yet temperamental individuals. They have good intentions – Being loved and giving love is one of the fire signs’ highest regards in life. When engagement ring shopping for the Fire Zodiac signs, remember that this is the only element that shines, so think extra sparkle. The sparkliest of all the diamond shapes are the round-cut diamond – brilliant! Other extra sparkly shapes include the cushion and radiant cut.

Talk about extra sparkle! A round brilliant diamond set in a 2D cushion halo with a split band will give off fire from every single angle! This setting style will hold tight every little detail of your love story, giving your fire sign every bit of confidence to say “YES!” when you pop THE question.

Show your love by proposing with the ever so sparkly cushion cut diamond! The cushion cut diamond is known for having so much luster, perfect for your fire sign! Be sure to consider if your significant other would like their cushion cut to be square or more rectangular shape. This unique yet timeless cushion will show your fire sign your willingness to take risks, yet trust in your life's journey with them!

From Kelly Villarreal of Ada Diamonds:

Water Signs – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Intuitive and emotional, water signs can be as powerful as the ocean itself. When looking for the perfect ring for a water sign, think bold & romantic. This ring will not just mean a traditional gesture, but a permanent mark of your love and will forever give them a sense of security.

The anything-but-subtle, water signs will definitely love something bold and different! A custom design like this opal halo ring, made with lab-grown diamonds, is sure to delight.

Photo via Ada Diamonds

For the artistic and romantic pieces, we love the graceful sophistication of an Oval Four Prong Pavé setting, featuring an oval center lab diamond, and a pavé band that shines as brightly as they do.

Air Signs – Libra, Aquarius, Gemini

If we could describe those under the air sign in one word it would be “The Non-Conformist” Air signs make up their own style and beat to the rhythm of their own drum. They’re great communicators and have a knack for storytelling, so in picking the perfect engagement ring for them we want you to think non-conventional & dynamic.

Photo via Ada Diamonds

For the true altruist air sign, an ethically sourced lab-grown diamond is a perfect choice. We’d recommend a stunning solitaire, like a Classic Four Prong Solitaire.

A ring that combines several different styles and lots of visual-appeal is the way to go for the multifaceted personality of an air sign. We love a Three-Sided Pavé setting featuring a fancy yellow lab-grown diamond, in a two-tone white and yellow gold setting, with a three-sided diamond band.

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