As the wedding world rejoices over the reopening of events & celebrations during the Covid-19 pandemic, there are still a number of rules in place. In many countries & states, wearing face masks at weddings regardless of vaccination status is still encouraged, if not required.

While you may not be saying “I do” while wearing a face mask, other points of the day may require you to do so. Will you be getting ready at a salon? Taking a taxi or Uber from one venue to the next? Want to show courtesy to your vendors as they arrive to prep you for your wedding day? There are a number of reasons why – required or just to show you care – you might wear a face mask on your wedding day. We're here to find you a fashionable one!

We're hitting Etsy, Insta & my favorite online shops to find more stylish & wedding-ready face masks that are both functional & fashionable.

Aside from general style & level of “fanciness” we've come up with some options that are healthier for your skin (silk masks save you from skin irritation!) and even ones that match your bridesmaid dresses. Speaking of which, if you have direct contact with your dress designer (or even bridal salon), they may be able to make you a mask that matches your gown using the same fabric. Score!

But if that's not the case, I've found some real winners shoppable online. Just a note, these are non-medical-grade masks, but they will offer some level of protection advised by the CDC (and required to be worn in public by many state & local governments).

1. Satin Bows

Satin Face Mask by Bloomistry via Etsy

2. Luxurious Silk

100% Silk Chic Pleated Face Mask with Ties by Danenberg Design via Etsy

3. Romantic Lace

White Lace Face Mask by Fashion Raks via Etsy

4. Silk Mask + Silk Scrunchie Forever

Silk Face Mask & Scrunchie Set by shopkikijade via Etsy

5. Luxurious Lace

Luxury Ivory Lace Bridal Face Mask with Tulle Ties by Betty To My Boo via Etsy

6. Beaded Beauty

Bridal Beaded Embellished Bernadette Face Mask by Evening Room via Etsy

7. Lilac is the New Blush

Lilac Face Mask for Women by Lingerina ZILINA via Etsy

8. Romantic Gray Lace

Gray Lace Bridal Mask by Zinare via Etsy

9. Little Pearls

Small Pearls Luxe Bridal Fitted Face Mask by Whimsy & Thread Shop via Etsy

10. Little Leaves

Leaf Trim Bridal Face Mask by Which Goose via Etsy

11. Red Velvet

Indian Bridal Face Mask by BAnu Designs via Etsy

12. Rainbows

Dream Come True Face Mask by Lirika Matoshi

13. Bride & Groom Set

Bride & Groom Face Masks by Teri Choose Designs via Etsy

14. Daisies

Daisy Face Mask by Lirika Matoshi

15. Satin Bridal Set

Satin Bridal Masks with Removable Filter by Teri Choose Designs via Etsy

16. Lavish Beads

Selly Bride Mask by VAIA

17. Polka Dots

Polka Dots Ivory Face Mask by BLUSH FASHION via Etsy

18. Couture Bridal Mask

Silk Brocade Bridal Face Mask by Karen Willis Holmes

19. Lace Applique

Bridal Face Mask by Anita Benko Bridal via Etsy

20. Modern Pearls

Zoe Face Mask with Pearls by Tania Maras via Etsy

Still searching? We highly recommend taking a look at what small businesses on Etsy have to offer!

Photo via Erin Robertson

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