Hey there lovelies,

I've been invited to the Pinterest party and I'm loving it! It's such a great place to search for, collect and covet inspirational images.

My latest board is a Valentine's Day/Anti Valentine's Day Board. (It's a love/hate relationship)

Let me tell you a little story about our first Valentine's Day…

Zee and I have never really ‘done' Valentine's day apart from the first we spent together…8 years ago.

We'd barely been going out for a week. Awkward.

But we had been friends for a few months. So I thought long and hard about his gift; it couldn't be expensive, but it had to be quirky, cool and cute. Zee had mentioned that his family lived all over the world (Iraq, Vietnam, Lebanon, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait) so I thought a sweet mini inflatable globe was the perfect cute, thoughtful gift.

I wrapped it in brown paper, tied it with string (these are a few of my…no?) I even attached love hearts to the brown paper but only the cool, aloof ones like ‘hello' ‘cool dude' etc. And I included a card with carefully thought out sweet but not overly sweet words scribed inside. Something about keeping in touch with his family, always…?

Looking back it was probably a bit OTT after all…

Zee, however, went the complete opposite way. He bought me a very expensive bottle of a D&G perfume, which I'd never smelt before, and gave it to me (unwrapped!) accompanied by an Ali G ‘catch phrase' card that said something like ‘booyakasha' every time you opened it. Then we went to the union and had a massive row. Oh dear.

Is it any wonder we don't celebrate Valentine's Day?

To be fair our anniversary is a few days before so we usually celebrate that instead! And even after 8 years, we still don't get our gifts quite right ;)

Here's my Anti Valentine's Day inspiration board for those of you who fancy a walk on the Anti-Valentine's Day dark side after all the sweetness and light of yesterday:

Sources from top left, clockwise:

This is how pale I am at the moment: ffffound.com

This card made me giggle: theglamlamb.blogspot.com

Red lips. Red Dress. Amazing imagery: lorilangille.blogspot.com

Jessie J = Amazing singer who can rock black studded lipstick like no other via soulculture.co.uk

A Black Veil. Beautiful: obsessionmia.blogspot.com

Have a good day…x

ps. In the spirit of Anti Valentine's I'd love to hear about your worst valentine's day ever…do share! ;)