Happy December! We imagine with all the time at home this year to work on DIYs & home improvement you may have acquired a good amount of DIY skills & confidence?

Well then, how about some stunning, minimalist holiday decor to ring in December and perhaps make an appearance in your Virtual Wedding background? Krystle of Perkins on Parkway makes this Scandi wall hanging look so easy I think you can make it happen even if this is your first DIY project of 2020.

To be honest, I'm not the craftiest being, I fall more in the ‘Pinterest fail' column of bloggers. When it comes to the kitchen I can summon the ghost of Julia Child but when I turn away from the stove and into my craft closet it generally ends in tears. It's that struggle that makes me admire those who can create gorgeous decor out of thin air exponentially! And Krystle – an expert on home renovations, interior design & DIY projects – is one of my favorite crafty bloggers to follow.

Renovating her Dallas home, Krystle has a flair for modern, minimal Scandinavian design. In fact, I'd say she's a trendsetter in this department! Having spent many a holiday in Denmark with her husband's family, she's picked up so many design clues & treasures that you'd never guess her cozy Scandinavian refuge is planted in the heart of Texas. You can see the incredible before & after reno pictures on her Instagram, but for now, let's get to the wall hanging…

Simple, elegant & versatile, we think this holiday wall hanging would be a wonderful display for your ceremony altar, Virtual Wedding background, photo booth or just plain beautiful wedding decor. We've shared what you need for the project below, and then you can continue on to her own blog for the full tutorial. We've also shared her handy & quick video tutorial on our Instagram Reels, too!

Happy Crafting!

DIY Holiday Wedding Wall Hanging

There is nothing that I love more than minimal Christmas decor. I love bringing in the natural elements and when I saw this photo from A Quiet Style I knew I wanted to do my own spin. Natural glass ornaments filled with ribbons and florals in a huge statement piece that could be hung above a mantel, dining table, or just on a wall!

This was a tedious project. I didn’t hit my deadline and felt like a failure. THEN, when I was already discouraged and disappointed, it all crashed down to the floor shattering into a million pieces. I was d e v a s t a t e d. If you follow my Instagram stories you may have seen some tears. I was trying to hang this solo, I don’t recommend it! This is a two-person job when it comes to hanging. Shout out to the best Perkins on Parkway intern, Michael, for helping me clean up my shattered ornaments in my moment of distress.

But I took a breath, picked up the pieces, and moved forward, and it ended up better than I envisioned. Christmas miracle? I think so. I love how delicate the final product feels. Also, the glass ornaments and the reflective quality they have are simply lovely in person (although plastic might be the safer choice).

Supplies Needed

Continue to Perkins on Parkway for the full tutorial.

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