The pandemic may have changed your wedding plans, but it doesn't have to completely crush your bachelorette party dreams! By planning something safe, at home or virtually, you can absolutely still celebrate with your girls.

To be honest, my own bachelorette party – which took place at a friend's country home with loads of at-home DIY spa goodies – was exactly what I wanted. And, I think fits most Coronavirus guidelines fairly well! My best girlfriends & I lounged by the pool, ate all my favorite food, drank plenty of Chardonnay, did DIY facials, watched ‘What About Bob?' & plenty of stand-up comedy. Honestly, it was perfect.

We've done our best at Bridal Musings HQ to keep pumping out creative ideas to help you plan, replan (and often replan again) your wedding during Coronavirus, and it's come with plenty of help, too! Be Inspired PR rounded up their own wedding pros to offer their own ideas for the perfect at-home bachelorette party in 2021.

Added tip: we think any of the below ideas could be done in-person (please make sure you're following your local social-distancing guidelines & gathering rules) or virtually. We all have loved Zoom parties – hello, parties in your jammies – so, Zoom bachelorette parties (or hen parties for our UK brides) can work, too!

1. Take advantage of virtual classes

“Going virtual is all the rage right now — if you're looking for a fun bonding experience with your girlfriends, why not try a virtual class together? Dana's Bakery out of New Jersey is offering a virtual macaron making class where they even send you all of the materials needed.” – Ashley Lachney, Owner + Lead Planner, Alston Mayger Events

2. Upgrade your décor to keep things special

“Even if your party's at home this year vs. Palm Springs, don't skimp on the decor! Partner with a local florist to add some wow factor to different areas of your home, or create a magical tablescape to share meals at.” – Ashley Lachney, Owner + Lead Planner, Alston Mayger Events

3. Treat yourself to a tea day

“For a little afternoon fun, host a tea party! Start by mailing out little kits to all the attendance. Kits can include a mug or tea cup, a few bags of tea, a biscotti, and an agenda. Since virtual parties can sometimes get a little ‘noisy’ it's a great idea to include a brief agenda for the call. This way all participants will know what to expect, and when to go out mute. Here is a little sample: Welcome to (name) Virtual Sprinkle, it's a Zoom – so turn off your camera if you need to tinkle. Below is an agenda, for those who are type A. We're having a tea party plus some games to play.” – Nora Sheils, Bridal Bliss Founder

4. Plan a DIY spa day

“Even before the pandemic, I always encourage my girlfriends to little DIY spa get-togethers. Craft cute kits of scrubs & masks, moisturizers & serums, silk eye masks & maybe even these cute jade rollers. (I love all the bath salts & natural beauty products at Credo Beauty). Christina recently found these adorable dried floral joints for a botanical chill.

The beauty of a DIY spa is that you can do it anywhere! Choose a secluded & safe Airbnb nearby, have it in a friend's home or even mail out your spa kits and get together virtually.” – Claire Eliza, Bridal Musings' Editor-in-Chief

Photo by Caroline Tran planned by HoneyFitz Events

5. Incorporate customizations

“There are so many ways to pull of the perfect at-home bachelorette celebration! One way to make the occasion feel special is with a fancy dinner with a perfect tablescape. Customizations are always a plus up! A fun photo backdrop or DIY bouquet bar are great activities for the ladies! The host can also feature a custom wine tasting from the bride's favorite vineyard or create a mixology competition!” – HoneyFitz Events

6. Provide tons of personalized goodies

“The best thing everyone can do right now to still live and celebrate is to adapt, and that includes the special wedding moments that cannot be replaced! We've seen our clients opt for sending each guest a goody bag filled with special items including personalized shirts, confetti and personalized champagne flutes. A special photo backdrop including a personalized neon sign or balloon garland would also be fun if everyone is getting together in person!” – Valarie Falvey, Kirkbrides Wedding Planning & Design

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