Good morning!

Were you decking the halls over the weekend? Buying Christmas presents perhaps? Or simply snuggling up with your partner on the sofa?

This weekend I've been loving the ‘holidays are comin' Coca Cola advert, the incredible Selfridges winter window displays and donning my greige snood (yes, that's grey + beige and scarf + hood) to brave the crisp, cold air.

Now, you all know I like to start the week off with a ‘knock your socks off' kind of wedding…

Well, Emily and Tim's gorgeously chic wedding is just that. Thanks to a beautiful bride, unique sweetheart neckline J. Crew dress, a statement necklace to end all statement necklaces, dapper groom, bright yellow mini getaway car, postcard guestbook, cinema screen awesomeness and stunning photography by Luke Eshleman.

Prepare for those socks to be well and truly knocked off!

From Emily, the bride:

Planning: When we started planning the wedding, we had very few ideas about what we wanted, but like most couples, we wanted it to feel like “us”.  We didn't choose a theme, but instead made our decisions based on what we love.  I knew I wanted soft pink flowers so our color palette of pink, ivory, and gold was formed around that.  I tried to stick with a pretty and romantic look with vintage touches and everything seemed to somehow come together and work in the end.

Flowers: I know there were garden roses & ranunculus in the bouquets and roses in the boutonnieres but unfortunately, I can’t remember what else was used!

I’m not super crafty, but with the help of my parents and maid of honor, we made the ribbon wands that the guests waved when we left the church. They were really easy to make. We used pink, ivory, and gold ribbons and tiny bells and attached them to wooden dowels. The bridesmaids handed them to guests after the ceremony and it was so much fun to walk through everyone as they waved the wands.

Style: I didn’t have a specific dress style in mind when I went dress shopping, but I fell in love with my dress as soon as I tried it on and knew that it was the one.  For the bridesmaids dresses, the most important thing was that they didn’t scream “bridesmaids dress” and that the bridesmaids would like them and feel comfortable wearing them.  I chose the color because it was neutral and would work with pink flowers.

I really wanted to look like myself and I wanted the same for my bridesmaids so even though two of them were in the same dress (and all were in the same color), I tried to pick dresses that looked like something they would wear.

The Getaway Car: Our tiny getaway car after the ceremony was one of my favorite touches.  I knew I wanted an old car to drive off in and luckily, a friend of my father’s allowed us to borrow his yellow Fiat and it was perfect.  My mom and my bridesmaids attached the cans and the “Just Married” sign to the back of the car and leaving the church after the ceremony with the cans clanking around behind us was one of my favorite moments of the day.

Oh my. How lovely. Don't you just love their getaway car? And the simplicity of Emily's dress paired with her exquisite, statement necklace?

Come back for Part 2 tomorrow to see their stylish bridal party and their actual party ~ which looks like a whole lot of fun!

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