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Top Tips For Perfecting A Mix & Match Bridal Party Look

How to Nail a Mix and Match Bridal Party – Mismatched Bridesmaids Tips – ChicSew – Bridal Musings 12

Signing in to deliver today’s hot tips for nailing the ever-fashionable mix and match bridal party trend. The mix and match theme of your dreams should be inclusive, feel modern and affordable. Stylish bridesmaid dresses are a guaranteed way to make your wedding photos even more memorable.

Matchy-matchy no more! We’re looking for coordination that feels effortless. Helping us outfit stylish bridesmaids is ChicSew, an online retailer for beautiful and affordable bridesmaid dresses. Their selection includes an extensive range of gowns to mix and match.

Frequently searched styles like long rose gold satin bridesmaid dresses and one-shoulder burnt orange satin bridesmaid dresses are all available on their site. We’ll pull inspiration from ChicSew’s stunning range of mix and match bridesmaid dresses and help you find your perfect selections.

After years of experience online, ChicSew prides themselves in their expertly tailored fit, at no extra charge! Their top priority for customers is quality, clear communication, and style. So naturally, they’re the ideal fit for today, and for anyone looking for affordable bridesmaid dresses.

This list of tips is for brides planning their own weddings, for the maid-of-honor helping their best pal with planning, and for the bridesmaids out there who need a little direction. With some easy tips on style, color, and breaking away from traditional wedding clichés, you’ll select the mix and match theme of your dreams in no time.

How to Nail a Mix and Match Bridal Party – Mismatched Bridesmaids Tips – ChicSew – Bridal Musings 14

Step 1: Select a Bridesmaid Dress Theme

Choosing your bridesmaid dress theme is essential. It’s the foundation for building any other fashion elements that support your wedding day vision.

Are you wanting a specific color palette? You can select anything from jewel tones to pastels, or even monochromatic color themes. Perhaps style is more important to you than color. This means you can choose a theme based around a feeling. Selecting pieces that fit a mood, like whimsical and flowy gowns, or fitted and sultry looks, will provide a cohesive theme. Even a specific fabric or texture can be the foundation for your mix and match looks. By choosing something like satin, the fabrication of the gowns will naturally coordinate even if other details vary (such as color, or neckline variations).

Pro Tip: If you want the easiest mix & match option, opt for a theme focused on one color of fabric. Every bridesmaid can wear that color in a different style or silhouette. Check out ChicSew’s mismatched dresses tab to start getting ideas of how to select your bridal party’s looks based on monochromatic themes!

Step 2: Now, Choose a Few Modifications

While some brides with excellent fashion abilities might not have any issues with making a bridal party look cohesive, some brides might find this a daunting task. A good rule of thumb: Once you’ve selected your theme, choose only one or two details about the dresses to change. Share with your bridesmaids what modifications they can choose from. Let’s say any hemline, their neckline of choice, any silhouette or a variety of fabric textures.

Here’s a great example: Your theme is “champagne-colored dresses”. One bridesmaid wears a long satin champagne bridesmaid dress. The next bridesmaid can wear a dress of the same color, but in a different material, like chiffon. The third bridesmaid might wear a satin bridesmaid dress like the first, but with a different neckline than the first dress. As you go along, the styles unfold in a way where only one or two elements of style are being changed each time.

This makes everything look cohesive, without being overly matchy.

How to Nail a Mix and Match Bridal Party – Mismatched Bridesmaids Tips – ChicSew – Bridal Musings 21

Make it Easy: Only Use One Bridesmaid Dress Brand

This isn’t absolutely necessary, but it will eliminate a lot of possible confusion later. By ordering through one dress company, you’re guaranteed to have more cohesive styles that are designed to work together. This also means you’re guaranteed exact color matches. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but it will help take the guesswork out of the mix & match look. Like any fashion brand, pieces within one designer’s line are intended to work together.

Pro Tip: Even if you select one brand, colors can vary from each dye lot. Once you have selected your final bridesmaid dresses, purchase them all at the same time to eliminate someone receiving a dress months later that isn’t quite the right shade.

How to Nail a Mix and Match Bridal Party – Mismatched Bridesmaids Tips – ChicSew – Bridal Musings 23

Inspire Your Bridetribe: Make a Bridesmaid Dress Moodboard

Here at BM, we love any excuse to make a mood board. Something as simple as saving photos into a quick google document or photo editing app will help all the visual babes out there wanting fashion insurance to check their selections. Arrange the images of dresses together, and maybe include other colors or floral inspiration for your wedding so you can see how everything works together. You’ll be able to tell immediately if you like how your selections work together.

Pro Tip: Use the mood board to send your bridesmaids for inspo! If you are letting them purchase their own gowns, using clear visuals of how you envision your bridal party will help keep them on the same track as they shop.

How to Nail a Mix and Match Bridal Party – Mismatched Bridesmaids Tips – ChicSew – Bridal Musings 20

Be Considerate: Ask Your Bridesmaids’ Preferences

Not everyone is going to have the same taste as you, and that’s okay. However, since we’re highlighting inclusive sizing and designs, it’s worth asking your bridesmaids what they do or don’t feel comfortable wearing. After all, your bridesmaids are likely paying for their own gowns. They deserve to have size ranges and styles that fit their personality.

Pro Tip: When you select your dress styles, make sure the brand has plus-size options and styles that work for the different body types and comfort levels of your friends. ChicSew includes free custom sizing, which means every customer can have a dress that fits their body just right.

How to Nail a Mix and Match Bridal Party – Mismatched Bridesmaids Tips – ChicSew – Bridal Musings 22

Essential Info

Get started shopping for your bridesmaid look by visiting ChicSew’s website.

ChicSew designs stylish, affordable, and perfectly tailored dresses, guaranteed to create flawless looks for each of your bridesmaids.

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This post is made in partnership with ChicSew.

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