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Celebrate In Style With This Compostable Wedding Tableware

Celebrate In Style With This Compostable Wedding Tableware – Repurpose – Bridal Musings 9

Weddings have a bad reputation in the eco-conscious community for contributing so largely to environmental waste. Party favors, flowers, excess food, and single-use plastics are often thrown into trash bins after only a few hours.

Let’s shift the conversation toward weddings being more mindful of their environmental impact. Your wedding can leave a smaller carbon footprint. You can easily opt for more eco-friendly ideas while still keeping your same wedding day vision. Choose party favors that are reusable or made from post-consumer recycled materials. Donate your flowers to a local hospital or nursing home. Talk with your caterers to see if they can donate leftover food to a local food bank.

And all of your plastic tableware? Thankfully, single-use plastic is out! One of the biggest tips on our eco-friendly wedding planning list is using biodegradable party cups, plates, and servingware. Compostables are in. And, they’ve gotten a more budget-friendly, eco-conscious, and stylish makeover.

Here to ensure you throw the best eco-friendly wedding is Repurpose. Repurpose creates a range of products, all made from plants, providing sustainable tableware alternatives that easily fit into our lives. They’re an absolute must for the wedding that wants to be mindfully conscious and still feel stylish. And as we write this, they’re the only place to find stylish disposable and compostable wine glasses!

If you’re wondering what type of wedding should have eco-conscious tableware, the answer is every wedding. Still pondering if these pieces are safe, durable, or chic enough? Then scroll through today’s styled shoot and learn a bit more about how biodegradable items will make your day easier (and let’s be honest, a lot more conscious, too!) Then use the promo code ‘BridalMusings20‘ to redeem our exclusive discount!

Celebrate In Style With This Compostable Wedding Tableware – Repurpose – Bridal Musings 4
Celebrate In Style With This Compostable Wedding Tableware – Repurpose – Bridal Musings 3

Why Use Compostable Tableware?

If we are speaking only aesthetically, these items are sleek and minimal. Your cocktails and beverages will look colorful and effervescent through the clear design. And they’ve nixed the typical labeling that tends to leave industrial dinnerware and drinkware feeling like an eyesore. It’s a flawless wedding photos guarantee.

From an environmental perspective, Repurpose focuses its energy in several ways. They create their products by using leftover materials from manufacturing. And since they use renewable ingredients like corn, upcycled wood pulp, and sugar cane, these materials become useful products instead of going to waste. Repurpose also manufactures their materials by using processes that release fewer greenhouse gasses and toxic chemicals than conventional paper and plastic. And finally, their products are all biodegradable. All of their items can be used to fertilize crops for future use, which creates a closed-loop sustainability system. You can read Repurpose’s entire statement about their environmental impact, here.

Celebrate In Style With This Compostable Wedding Tableware – Repurpose – Bridal Musings 1

What Type Of Wedding Needs Compostable Products?

Great recommendations for weddings that might need compostable tableware span the fanciest celebrations to the most intimate and DIY affairs. Perfect anywhere from outdoor weddings, destination weddings, to large parties can utilize compostable products, especially stylish ones.

If you’re throwing a wedding and don’t want to rent a large number of plates, cups, and servingware, then Repurpose is perfect for you. DIY weddings often include a lot of rented items like tents, chairs, and outdoor equipment. It adds up quickly and can be cumbersome to transport. Not to mention, some rental companies don’t deliver to more remote and adventurous locations and charge fees for the washing of items afterward. Likewise, if any part of your wedding day will be held outdoors, then compostable products are lighter, easier to dispose of, and can’t be broken if guests have too much fun.

Purchasing compostable products means all your guests can easily dispose of their items after use, and they can be directly left in the compost for a trash-free event!

Celebrate In Style With This Compostable Wedding Tableware – Repurpose – Bridal Musings 5

The Cutest Compostables For Your Wedding

So, what are our picks for the sleekest compostables for your wedding?

For beverages, we’ve selected Repurpose’s compostable cocktail and wine glasses. They still look and feel fancy without hurting the planet. These cute clear vessels hold beverages from beer and wine to lemonade. Repurpose makes their compostable glassware from natural corn and other plant materials. They’re non-toxic, BPA-free, and can keep their composure better than most wedding guests. Yes, they’ll even support a champagne tower!

Plates should last for one meal, and not forever. The plates are sturdy, non-toxic, and derived from sugarcane scraps and wood pulp. Yes, veggie skewers, appetizers, and cake all apply. Standouts for weddings include their square plates and six inch cake plates.

Shop any of these selections by visiting Repurpose’s Celebration Collection on their website.

Celebrate In Style With This Compostable Wedding Tableware – Repurpose – Bridal Musings 8
Celebrate In Style With This Compostable Wedding Tableware – Repurpose – Bridal Musings 2

Essential Info

To shop the entire Repurpose collection of compostables, and use free shipping on orders over $50, visit their website.

Repurpose is a women-led company that’s been creating green alternatives to disposable plastic since 2010. They have a celebration range of wedding-appropriate products, from compostable wine and cocktail glasses to biodegradable cake and dinner plates. They’ll easily fit into your wedding day while matching your aesthetic beautifully.

Be sure to follow Repurpose on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to find more sustainable products for your life.

This post is made in partnership with Repurpose.

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