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There's something incredibly special about finding your one true love, isn't there? It's like discovering a diamond that shines just for you. Now, you're on the brink of another magical milestone – the proposal. Butterflies? Of course! It's not every day you pop the most significant question of your life. But fret not, we're right by your side, partnering with Helzberg Diamonds on this guide, featuring what to say and what not to say when proposing.

Our guide, combined with our inspirational proposal video gallery, is designed to help you articulate yourself in a way that rings true to your unique love story. So, put your feet up, let the nerves melt away, and join us as we delve into the art of proposal speeches!

What to Say When Proposing

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Embarking on this journey towards a lifetime of togetherness, there's no foolproof script, no hard and fast rules. These suggestions we're about to explore are just a sprinkle of inspiration, just like that glistening Helzberg diamond you're about to slip onto their finger. Remember, the magic truly lies in following your heart and trusting your gut. So, are you ready to make your proposal as unique as your love story? Let's dive right in!

Craft a Personal Proposal
When it comes to proposing, forget carbon copies. Let your words be an authentic reflection of your feelings, a personalised speech that tells your partner, “This is the real me, talking to the real you”. Your words will be all the more precious for it.

Embrace Structure
Proposing isn't all about spontaneity. A well-planned speech keeps you on track, aids memory and even boosts confidence. How about opening with a zinger and closing with a memorable flourish? After all, these are the bits your partner will replay in their mind, so make them worthy of a rerun!

Heart Talk
Honesty, openness and vulnerability – all come together in the perfect proposal. This is no time to shy away from your feelings. Even if there's a tiny chance of a ‘no', don't let fear dim the bright ‘yes' you're hoping for.

Detail Matters
Zoom in on the tiny quirks and little details that make your partner special. Be specific about why you love them. Is it the way they dance like no-one's watching? Or the way they they stick their tongue out when they're concentrating.

Freewriting to the Rescue
The art of freewriting can be your ally in the proposal prep. Just pour your thoughts out on paper or screen, without worrying about grammar, style or romantic flair. Let the first draft be a brainstorming exercise – a raw, unfiltered account of your feelings.

Riding the Emotional Wave
Tears, laughter, a choke in your voice – let emotions flow freely. Your partner is bound to resonate with your feelings, and love you all the more for your vulnerability.

Finding Your Voice
Resist the urge to sound like a character from a rom-com. Embrace your own voice, be it charmingly awkward, eloquently poetic or something in between. And remember, just as no two Helzberg diamonds are the same, your voice is unique. Let it shine through.

Count the Reasons
Speak of your partner's best qualities, their generosity, their patience, their wit. What makes them so lovable to you? Let your appreciation shine through.

Reliving Your Story
You could start your proposal by revisiting the moment you first met, or when you realised you were in love. As well as any key moments and milestones throughout your journey to this moment in time.

Transformative Love
Love often changes us, for the better. If your partner has had a positive influence on you, let them know. Has their kindness rubbed off on you? Has their resilience made you stronger? It's time to give credit where it's due!

Mapping the Future
Marriage is a promise of a shared future. Talk about your dreams and hopes, the adventures you're planning together, the love you envision growing deeper. Dreaming up your shared future is a promising adventure filled with love and excitement.

The Perfect End
Building up to the big question, “Will you marry me?”, is all about timing. The right moment to kneel (should you wish to) and present the ring will naturally follow from your heartfelt monologue. And then, you wait for that eagerly anticipated ‘yes'!

Repeat Till Perfect
Repetition is the mother of learning, they say. Go ahead and practice your proposal, get cozy with your words. Whether it's in front of a mirror, a friend, or your pet, practice until you can deliver your proposal effortlessly and genuinely, without having to glance at a cheat sheet. And remember, it's okay to tweak until it feels just right. Let your proposal be a work of heart!

Humor is Your Friend
Who says a proposal needs to be a solemn affair? Throw in some insider humor to ease the tension, a shared joke that'll make your partner smile can be as brightening as the sparkle of a Helzberg diamond.

A Little Wisdom from the Expert
Love and proposals can seem like a maze, right? That's when a little expert wisdom can do wonders. Ash Fox, a seasoned guru in the realm of marriage proposals, points out two pivotal questions you need to address: why do you love this person and why are you proposing?

The ‘why' of love could be about their infectious laughter, their uncanny ability to calm you down in the face of chaos, or maybe it's how they dance in the kitchen while making pancakes on Sunday mornings. The ‘why' of the proposal could be because you can't imagine growing old with anyone else or because they make the mundane magical. See, it's all about unravelling the personal and unique tapestry of your love.

What Not To Say

The rêve collection from Helzberg Diamonds

Just as much as it's crucial to know what to say when you're about to pop the question, it's also super important to know what NOT to say. So, let's take a friendly stroll through some proposal faux pas. But remember, don't stress it!

Don't Make Demands or Ultimatums

Steer clear of anything that sounds demanding or like an ultimatum. Lines like “It's time we get married, don't you think?” or “So when are you going to make an honest man out of me?” can put pressure on your partner and make them feel cornered, which is not how you want them to feel when you propose!

Keep the Focus on Your Partner

You'll also want to avoid proposals that come across as more about yourself than your partner. Let's be real – no one wants to hear “I need a wife to take care of me” or “My mom really wants grandkids.” Make sure to keep the focus on your love and admiration for your future fiancé(e).

Don't Imply You Want to Change Your Partner

It's best not to propose with a long list of the changes you hope marriage will bring. Sentences starting with “When we're married, you'll finally…” or “Once we're husband and wife, I expect you to…” imply that you want to modify your partner, rather than celebrating them as-is.

Avoid Clichés

Cliches are called cliches for a reason – because they are overused and come off as impersonal. Ditch proposal one-liners like “You complete me” or “You had me at Hello.” You want your proposal to feel heartfelt, not straight off a movie script.

Don't Launch into a Proposal Without Context

And lastly, don't just launch into a proposal without any lead up. Starting the conversation with “So, will you marry me?” out of the blue can catch your partner totally off guard. You want the moment to feel special for both of you.

The proposal is one of the most romantic moments in a relationship. Keep it focused on your unique love story by avoiding demands, expectations, cliches and anything that won't make your partner feel cherished. When in doubt, keep it simple and speak from the heart.

Steer Clear of Negativity

This is your moment, your big leap into a future full of sunshine and shared Sunday brunches. It's not the time to bring up past arguments or touchy subjects. Keep the mood as buoyant as a helium-filled “Will you marry me?” balloon. Fill your speech with positivity and love – because that's what this moment is all about!

Don't Make Comparisons

You know that cute couple from that romantic movie you both love? Yeah, don't compare yourselves to them. Your love story isn't scripted – it's oh-so-real, uniquely yours and just plain gorgeous.. And trust us, that's a whole lot more meaningful than any Hollywood romance!

Proposal Styles

The rêve collection from Helzberg Diamonds

Approaching the grand gesture of a proposal, there's no one-size-fits-all. It's all about what feels right for you and your partner. To get those creative gears turning, we've put together a range of proposal speech styles.

Romantic Style
This style is for the hearts brimming with passion. It's all about expressing deep, emotive sentiments. Example: “From the moment I first saw you, I knew you were the one I wanted to share my life. Your beauty, heart, and mind inspire me to be the best person I can be. I promise to love you for eternity, respecting you, honoring you, being faithful to you, and sharing my life with you. Will you make me the happiest person alive and be my partner for life?”

Humorous Style
Ideal for couples who share a good laugh, this style infuses humor and wit into the proposal. Example: “Remember when we first met and I told you I'm terrible at cooking? Well, I'm ready to burn toast for you every morning for the rest of our lives. Will you marry me?”

Storytelling Style
This approach uses shared memories and experiences to paint a vivid picture of your journey together. Example “We've climbed mountains, got lost in cities, and even survived a quarantine haircut. Through every high and low, my love for you has only grown. Ready to start the next chapter of our story? Will you marry me?”

Short and Sweet Style
Some people believe in brevity, and this style delivers a heartfelt message in a few words. Example: “You are my everything. My love, my life, my friend. I want to spend all my tomorrows with you. Will you marry me?”

Poetic Style
Perfect for the lovers of verse, this style uses lyrical language and metaphors to express your feelings. Example: “Like a lighthouse in a storm, you guide me home. You're the melody that orchestrates my heartbeat. Will you marry me and be the sonnet of my life?”

Modern Style
Contemporary and trendy, this style often incorporates pop culture and shared experiences. Example: “From surviving lockdowns together, adopting three plants (that are miraculously still alive), and creating countless TikToks, we've built a beautiful, quirky life. Ready to level up and make our duo an unstoppable team forever? Will you marry me?”

Adventurous Style
For adrenaline seekers, this style is about shared adventures and thrill. Example: “From scaling mountains to diving into deep seas, every adventure with you has been a page in our thrilling love story. Now, I am standing on the precipice of our greatest adventure yet. Will you leap with me and marry me?”

Nostalgic Style
Revisiting shared past experiences can make for a touching proposal. Example: “From college sweethearts to navigating the real world hand in hand, we've come a long way. Our love has stood the test of time. Now it's time to turn our sweet nostalgia into a forever future. Will you marry me?”

Traditional Style
Rooted in timeless romantic notions, this style often includes classic lines and themes. Example: “With an open heart, a hopeful spirit, and a love deeper than the deepest ocean, I ask for your hand. I ask for your love, your companionship, your trust, and your time, for all the days of my life. Will you marry me?”

Words to Use and Words Not To

Engagement Rings from Helzberg Diamonds

Ready to pop the question, but lost in the sea of words? No stress, we're serving up the ultimate ‘Words to Use vs. Not to Use' when crafting your proposal. Why? Because choosing the right words is like choosing the right ring—it's gotta shine!

Words to Use:

  1. Adventure: It's the start of your new journey together.
  2. Together: Proposals are about lifelong partnerships.
  3. Love: The foundation of every strong relationship.
  4. Commitment: Showing the promise of fidelity.
  5. Future: A mutual vision you're excited to share.
  6. Dreams: Shared aspirations that you want to fulfill together.
  7. Bond: Highlighting the strong connection between you.
  8. Cherish: Reflecting your respect and care for them.
  9. Dedicate: Conveying your willingness to devote your life to them.
  10. Soul mate: Emphasizing your deep emotional connection.
  11. Happiness: The joy that your partner brings to your life.
  12. Laugh/Laughter: A shared sense of humor can make a relationship stronger.
  13. Passion: Expressing the intensity of your feelings.
  14. Romance: Conveying the amorous aspect of your relationship.
  15. Grow old together: Signifies a desire for a long-term relationship.
  16. Best friend: It shows companionship beyond romantic love.
  17. Always: It symbolizes the enduring nature of your love.
  18. Magical: It signifies that your relationship is extraordinary and enchanting.
  19. Support: Shows your willingness to be there for them, no matter what.
  20. Blessing: Conveys how much you appreciate having them in your life.
  21. Love story: Referring to your unique and beautiful journey.

Words NOT To Use

  1. Maybe: This word suggests uncertainty, which you want to avoid in a proposal.
  2. If: Another word that suggests doubt.
  3. But: This conjunction can negate everything said before it.
  4. Try: It suggests a possibility of failure.
  5. Breakup/Divorce: For obvious reasons :)
  6. Problems/Trouble: These words can bring up negative feelings.
  7. Fear: It suggests doubts or anxiety.
  8. Hesitation: It indicates that you're not entirely sure about your decision.
  9. Temporary/ Brief: These words oppose the idea of a lifelong commitment.
  10. Lonely: It might suggest fear of being alone rather than genuine love for your partner.
  11. Regret: You should focus on the present and future, not past mistakes.
  12. Control: A relationship is about partnership, not dominance.
  13. Hardship: While every relationship faces challenges, the proposal shouldn't focus on this.
  14. Hate: It's a very strong negative word that has no place in a proposal.
  15. Surrender: A proposal is about mutual acceptance, not giving up one's self.

As we wrap up this guide in partnership with Helzberg, remember that your proposal speech, like a unique diamond, should reflect your personal love story. It should encapsulate your feelings, shared dreams, and the promises that will bind your future. No one-size-fits-all template exists because it's your own heartfelt words that have the power to resonate the deepest with your love. We hope you find this guide helpful, along with our awe-inspiring proposal video gallery. Here's to a future that's as radiant and beautiful as the diamond you've chosen, and a proposal story that's one for the books!