This film is just so enchanting. It took my breath away with it's beauty….

Here's what the lovely Bridget of First Kiss Films had to say about her stunning film:

This elegant alternative to “Trash the Dress” gives brides a chance to “Rock the Frock” and walk away with a fun, personalized keepsake showcasing their dress in motion. The entire film was shot on Super 8mm film at a horse farm just outside of Ottawa, Canada.

A carefree, barefoot bride frolicking amidst bales of hay, cute farm dogs and a white horse all captured artfully on vintage film with an amazing soundtrack…Hello Sunshine!

{ Isabelle } Super 8mm rock the frock / trash the dress from { First Kiss Films } on Vimeo.

To see more of Bridget's gorgeous vintage films, head on over to her website. This lady is such an inspiration, she donates her time, artwork and a percentage of her profits from each film to support the Burundi Film School in Africa. Isn't that wonderful?

I'm so pleased to have discovered Bridget and her beautiful films…In fact, I love them so much that you can expect another First Kiss Film tomorrow!

So who, like me, is loving the concept of a Rock The Dress film?!