I have don't have very nice skin. There I said it. I'm very self-conscious about it, even though logic tells me that many other women have similar issues with their skin, I only seem to notice the hundreds of women passing by with amazing, blemish and blotch free skin. Oh how I wish I could go sans make up and not worry about the Roseaca on my cheeks or my oily T Zone!

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Up until now (my 27th year!) I've used the same harsh, spot clearing products I used as a teenager. I dabbled in organic products in the run up to our wedding and they helped a bit but I still didn't feel they were a perfect fit. I've accepted that I'm never going to have a lovely peachy complexion but I'd like my skin to look and feel the best it can!

I'd heard good things about Dermalogica from positive reviews on the internet and kept meaning to buy some products. I went online and didn't really know what was best. I've got spot prone, oily, dry and sensitive skin all in one. And considering Dermalogica's products are not cheap I couldn't afford the trial and error approach!

So I carried on plodding along with my usual cleanser, toner & moisturizer until, I saw the Dermalogica stand at Westfield with helpful (and not at all pushy) therapists on hand to help. I was in a rush but the therapist explained she could do a face mapping analysis to advise me on the best products for my skin in just 10 minutes. Perfect.

Face Mapping involves a Q&A with the therapist about your problem areas, exfoliation habits, vices (smoking/drinking/tanning etc) then the therapist dons a magnifying head mask to look closely at your skin and suggests the best skincare regime for you. You get to keep the little ‘map' the therapist draws of your different skin zones and a note of the products suggested and how to use them.

The great thing is there is no obligation to buy there and then (or at all) and what's more the therapist really tailors the products to your individual skin, giving you a variety of samples to try before you buy. My regime is very mix and match, which makes sense considering my skin's a bit of everything! After 4 days of using the products religiously morning and night, my skin feels cleaner, smoother and I think it might be actually looking better too!

Before I bid you adieu, I have to share my favourite ever skin care product in the world, ever:

This unique Rice-based enzyme powder microfoliates dulling debris and instantly leaves skin noticeably smoother and brighter. Contains no artificial fragrance or color.

Daily Microfoliant is a gentle exfoliating powder made up of of teeny tiny granules which you foam up in your hands using water. Since using it my skin has never felt so squeaky clean and I really look forward to my daily ‘scrub', it's that good! It's a wonderful product, that's gentle enough to use everyday.

If you're looking for a new skin care regime in the run up to your wedding, I highly recommend you spend 10 minutes at your nearest Dermalogica.

Any one else a Dermalogica fan out there?