Thanks to Marianne of Marianne Taylor Photography who randomly posted this on her Facebook wall after stumbling upon it. I ‘like' Marianne's Facebook page but would ‘LOVE' it if I could, she takes the most beautiful photographs!

Anyway, I digress, onto the music video…I just had to share it, it's so pretty and sad all at the same time.

Check out the bride's headpiece and veil-an amazing combination! {Perfect vintage goodness}

You can totally see why he's compared to Usher now can't you?!

Here's an English version some talented singers/rappers made in homage to the original song, if you'd like to understand the sweet words…but there's no wedding inspiration in this video!

{How can you make a music video entitle Wedding Dress without a little bit of wedding pretty?!} Lovely song though! :)