How is your week going so far? Good, I hope.

Surely this wedding has been a pretty highlight? (Yes I'm still swooning over it…there was a carousel guys!)

Forget pink and pretty, rustic barns and romantic carousel rides, today's inspiration comes in the form of an edgy, rock n roll engagement shoot. Henry Photographers came up with the unique concept of a ‘morning after the night before' type engagement shoot. The hipster couple awakening from a (presumably) raunchy night in a motel. They spend a lazy morning strumming on their guitars, listening to vinyl and taking arty polaroids.

We wanted to do a shoot that was inspired by love, music, and some rock n roll. We went for a real feel and wanted our couple to be waking up after a night on the town going to a show. It's an engagement shoot with a little grit. We wanted a very classic feel and went with records throughout the room. We also shot with polariods and our Holga to add to the feel.

Such beautiful and evocative photos.

I absolutely love this idea for an engagement shoot ~ after all, not couples are into frolicking in the woods or vintage picnics. What do you think?

FYI The ridiculously good looking couple in these photos are models who have been styled and coiffed to perfection ~ not a real life, engaged couple.

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