Floral crowns are a romantic, feminine and whimsical alternative to the traditional bridal veil and a bohemian bride's best friend.

They are also my current obsession now that Spring has officially sprung.

My Pinterest boards are filled to the brim with these whimsical floral delights so I thought it was high time I shared them with you.

This post actually started out as my top 10 flower crowns but I got a little bit carried away…

So here are 30 of my absolute favorites to inspire the free spirited boho bride in us all!

Pure & Simple White Floral Crowns

There is something so angelic about a bride with a white halo of flowers atop her pretty head. Green foliage adds to the ‘freshly picked' appeal. Daisies, snowberries and baby's breath are pretty choices.

1  Photo by At Dusk // 2 via Ruffled // 3 Photo by Eric Kelley // 4 Photo by // 5 via Ruffled // 6 photo by Craig Eva Sanders

Pink Garlands For Blushing Brides

You all know I'm a big fan of pink. (Take a peek at my blush pink wedding for evidence.) Pink floral garlands are such a romantic choice, go for classic roses or soft hydrangeas.

7 Photo by Sarah Gawler  Flowers: LK Lily via Ruffled // 8 Photo by Amelia Lyon Photography
Florals: Honey and Poppies via 100 Layer Cake // 9 Photo by Dominique Bader via Love My Dress // 10 Photo by Marianne Taylor Photography // 11 Photo by Natalie J. Watts via Love My Dress

Rustic Orange & Lemon Flower Crowns

Perfect for Fall, David Austen roses (the big roses that look like they have lots of petals squished up inside) come in the prettiest peachy, orange shades while bright yellow billy balls are a fun, modern choice.

12 + 15 Photos by  Jillian McGrath Photography Floral Design by Sullivan Owen Floral Design // 13 Photography by Judy Pak Floral Design by Harlem Flowers via Style Me Pretty // 14 via Green Wedding Shoes

Lovely Lilac Flower Garlands 

Pretty pastel shades of purple using lilacs or hydrangas are a delicate choice but it's no. 18 that made my heart skip a beat ~ it's so unique, love the thought of using lots of miniature flowers and berries as a focal point.

16 via Wedding Chicks // 17 Photo by James Melia Photography // 18 via Green Wedding Shoes

Bold, Bright And Colourful Floral Crowns

Make a statement in a rainbow bright flower crown! Use similar colours or completely contrasting hues for a bright, beautiful and modern bohemian look.

19 Photo by Emily Quinton via London Bride // 20 Caught the Light via 100 Layer Cake // 21 Rosie Parsons Photography via Green Wedding Shoes // 22 via Green Wedding Shoes // 23 by Camille Styles // 24 Photos by  Jillian McGrath Photography Floral Design by Silvia Owen floral design

Flower Girl Crowns With A Twist

Traditionally it was only the bride's flower girls who wore flower crowns and you can see why ~ they look like cute little woodland fairies!

Why not take a cue from Kate Moss and her many many flower girls who each wore unique flower crowns for an eclectic look. Just as bridesmaids dresses can be mismatched to pretty effect so can floral crowns!

You might want to have the youngest members of your bridal party wear flower crowns while the older bridesmaids simply wear a flower in their hair. (Some older adults might not be comfortable wearing playful floral garlands.)

25 Photo by Mario Testino // 26 Photographer Alfred Lor via The Pretty Blog // 27 via A Crimson Kiss

Unique Floral Crown Ideas

Floral crowns are not just for your littlest members of the bridal party, why not have your older bridesmaids don mismatching floral garlands as this unconventional bride did. Check out the floral print too! (You'd think it would be floral overland but somehow it works.)

Who says flower crowns are just for girls?

This little boy looks utterly adorable in his rustic, floral garland while this dog was a big part of the wedding ceremony and looks the part in a floral wreath. (Ok so it's not a flower crown as such but…it was too darn cute not to include!)

unique floral crowns

28 Photo by Rosie Parsons Photography via Green Wedding Shoes // 29 Photo by EE Photography via Bridal Musings // 30 via Snippet and Ink

A Few Things To Consider If You Plan On Wearing A Flower Crown

~ They work with all hair types and lengths but look best when hair is curly or has a slight wave. The more disheveled the better.

~ Hair down is the bohemian, free spirited look of choice but you could always add a few braided strands or even wear your hair in a side fishtail braid.

~ Think about whether you want your floral garland to match your bouquet completely or simply incorporate a few elements from your bouquet.

~ It's not just about colour ~ think about the size and textures of your bouquet too (your florist can advise you on what flowers work well together and which will be in season).

~  Consider how long you'd like to wear your garland ~ only for the ceremony and photos or for the whole day? Comfort is key.

~ Bear in mind that the type and amount of flowers wired onto the garland will effect the weight of it.

~ Will your bridesmaids be in floral crowns too? If so, make sure they're well secured onto the littlest bridesmaids' heads as they'll be temped to pull them off!

~ Think about how you'd like to make your floral crown stand out from your bridesmaids ~ a different colour or bigger blooms perhaps?

~ Bear in mind that the beauty of real flowers is fleeting ~ they won't stay looking their best for long. So wait until the last possible minute to put yours on.

~ Silk flower crowns (or other fabric/paper crowns) won't wilt and you'll be able to wear them again / pass them down to your children. Check out Which GooseMignonne Handmade & Twigs and Honey for some pretty designs.

Ok, one more flower crown for luck…

This pretty pastel garland is pure ‘spring time'.

I love this bride's boho chic style ~ she demonstrates how to match your bouquet to your flower crown perfectly.

spring time floral crown

Photos by The Nichols Floral Design: La Fleur Vintage via Style Me Pretty

DIY Floral Crown Tutorials

There are some great tutorials for all you DIY brides, here are a few of my favourites:

~ Florist Rebecca Morgan of Blush Floral Design shares her expert tutorial on Love My Dress.

~ A simple step by step tutorial using fresh flowers on Honestly…WTF

~ The ultimate boho bride, Miss James of Bluebird Vintage, shows us how to make a pretty and silk flower crown.

~ Make a unique floral crown with succulents like no. 23 by following Ash from The Byrd Collective‘s tutorial on Camille Styles blog.

So are any of you lovely brides planning on wearing a floral crown? Which garlands are your favourites?

(As well as the gorgeous spring time pastel floral garland above, I'm a big fan of no. 23 as I'm a sucker for succulents and there's something about no. 13 ~ the orangey hues and ‘blousey' ness of it that I love.)