I've got an incredibly creative, unique, beautiful and fun wedding to share with you today. It's full of inspiring DIY details ~ my favourite of which are the multicoloured pom poms adorning the aisle. Who needs confetti when you have pretty, pastel pom poms to throw?!

Also, a bride in a blue petticoat is always a winner in my book.

Susan Yee of En Pointe Photography captured all the beauty, joy and delightful details perfectly. Here she shares a little more about Emily and Aaron's gorgeous wedding:

Emily and Aaron's wedding was certainly a beautiful crafted and well thought out affair! Emily is someone I have worked closely with for a few years now (Emily is a photographer) and she has such a carefree spirit — and I am so glad to see that she was able to translate that to her wedding! Everything was either homemade, or filled with history, and personality. It was such a photographer's dream to photograph — and I'm so honored she chose me to document her big day!

Beautiful bride, Emily, shares more about the details and special moments of their day…

DIY Flowers + Fabric Boutonnieres 

Our flowers were bought at Morena Wholesale Flowers and arranged by myself with lots of help from my family. Sadly, I do not remember the names of a lot of the flowers. I chose a lot of off colored roses in purples, peaches, and green w/ pink tips. My absolute favorite thing in my bouquet was a head of kale. I wrapped the bouquet in vintage lace remnant from my late grandmother’s sewing box. The boutonnieres were made out of fabric roses, pom poms, and felts leaves.

The Ceremony With A Very Special Celebrant

It was so special to me that my brother performed our ceremony. He wrote the most perfectly suited vows for Aaron and I (with excerpts from Pablo Neruda and Jerry Garcia). He touched on everything important and meaningful to us yet was still able to keep it light hearted and fun.

Processional: Just like heaven – by Katie Melua (Cure Cover) – sung by my best friend Alison with guitar accompaniment by my brother Ryan

Recessional: You’re My Best Friend – Queen

DIY Pastel Pom Pom Wedding10

A Creative DIY Idea ~ Pom Poms!

The wedding was pretty much entirely DIY. The most prominent DIY feature had to be the pom poms. With the help of several friends, we were able to create 1000’s of pom poms. I loved the color they added. They were such a fun decoration to play with as everyone ended up throwing them all around. 

I wore my Mother’s vintage pearls and great-grandmother’s bracelets and made my hairpiece out of an earring, fabric rose, and hair comb.

Come back tomorrow for Emily and Aaron's super creative, laid back and fun reception. Seriously guys, set your alarms, you don't want to miss it ~ there are more DIY details than you can shake a stick at!