As you know I'm a wedding geek and am pretty much obsessed by all things wedding. But there is one thing that harnesses my inner wedding geek more than anything else…wedding photography!

I LOVE wedding photography and feel so honoured to have had the opportunity to feature some of the best wedding photographers in the UK (& Cananda!) on my humble little blog already.

I'm grateful to each and every photographer who has been kind enough to share their work, from the up and comers to the well established. They have each captured some incredible moments…and I hold them accountable for turning me into a Moment Junkie! {More on that in a minute.}

Here's a selection of the photographers and a link to their feature on Bridal Musings just in case you missed it:

Shaneen Rosewarne Cox

Natalie Spencer

Sarah Vivienne

Dominique Bader

Binky Nixon

Abigail White

Sarah Jane Sadler

David Pullum

♥ And, not forgetting my wonderful wedding photographer, Hannah MacGregor, who captured our wedding so beautifully. Here's one of my favourite moments from our wedding during our first dance.

This photo takes me right back to the joy I felt, safe in the knowledge that our life together would be wonderful.

{Consider it my One & Only Photo submission}

{More photos of our wedding coming soon!}

What is ‘Moment Junkie'?

Moment Junkie is a blog devoted to showcasing the best in contemporary wedding photojournalism, with a focus on moments between people that are timeless, heartbreaking, hilarious, or all of the above. We love gorgeous portraits and well-planned details, but so often we’ve found that the photos we hold most dear — the ones we would give anything to hold onto — are those that encapsulate a memorable moment or remind us of how we felt as much as they show us how we looked. So we’re here to tell those stories, with submissions from some of the best working photographers around today.

{A excerpt from the Moment Junkie ‘About' page}

I have fallen head of heels in love with the concept of this new blog and check it everyday without fail!

This is not simply a blog to inspire wedding photographers, this is a blog dedicated to capturing the huge range of emotions and special moments at weddings. It is a new, unique form of wedding blog featuring only REAL WEDDINGS at their ‘realest'. Brides and grooms, wedding lovers, as well as lovers of amazing imagery, please trust me when I say you are going to want to sign up to their RSS feed!

Moment Junkie specifically requests submissions from photographers using a ‘Photojournalistic' approach/technique. Now I'm not an expert on the term (it's a very controversial term amongst photographers themselves) but basically, in bride speak, the photos on Moment Junkie are natural shots that haven't been posed!

The titles are genius too, here's some of the previous titles of photos that have been featured: The Gift, The tear, The Embrace, The Hard Life of a Flower Girl…and David Pullum submitted this legendary picture, entitled The Cake Goeth Before (which he also submitted as his ‘wow' photo here)

Photo: David Pullum Photography

The curators of the blog, Ryan Brenizer and Kyle Hepp are talented photographers in their own right and, as you can imagine, they are both bonefide Moment Junkies! The fantastic news is that Kyle Hepp will be taking part in my Glimpse Behind the Lens feature so you can see some of her amazing photography on Bridal Musings very soon woo-hoo!

So my question is, are you a Moment Junkie or do you prefer more traditional, posed wedding photos?

Maybe you'd like to sit on the fence and say you like a bit of both…whatever you think, I'd love to hear your comments!