Hello everyone, I'm starting our week of all things lovely, inspirational and weddingy off with a confession…

I don't like purple.

Shocking huh? Especially when you consider that purple has been a very popular colour for weddings since the dawn of time. (Well, for as long as I can remember, at least.)

There is something about bright purple I find really jarring…

I just got a flashback of sitting cross legged, hot and uncomfortable at a childhood party, with a jaunty side ponytail and itchy purple fabric on my skin.

Flash forward a couple of years, I'm a little taller and on holiday in Scotland. My mum and aunt have just bought my cousin Emma and I matching, shiny, 80s tracksuits. The cheap material made a swishing sound when I walked.

And yep, you guessed it mine was bright, neon purple. Shudder.

Lately though, I've been having a slight change of heart…

I'm appreciating the beauty of lilacs, lavenders and mauve (purple's pinkest shade) so I thought I'd put together a little inspiration board in honour of my new found love of purple. Mix delicate purple hues with grey, blush pink and a hint of blue, incorporate a few sprigs (or whole bouquets) of lavender here and there and you have a romantic, rustic colour palette that makes me think of French farmhouses.

Pale Blue, Mauve, Pink & Grey Wedding Inspiration

bridesmaids with lavender bouquets

bike via Plum Pretty Sugar  | bouquet: Ozzy Garcia Photography via The Bride's Cafe | bout viaThe Bride's Cafe  | ribbon in her hair + blue tulle dress:Alicia Swedenborg via Love My Dress | cake: Sloan Photographers via Inspired by This | flowers wrapped in brown paper: Bryan Miller Weddings via Inspired By This | velvet ribbon via BHLDN | mauve dress, pink bouquet: CLY Creation via Style Me Pretty | bridesmaids with lavender bouquets: White Linen Photographers via Style Me Pretty

This board was actually inspired by a fun project I'm working on today with a group of fabulous San Francisco vendors. Exciting stuff!

Stay tuned oh lovely ones, I have a Summer Camp themed wedding that is going to knock your socks off coming up a little bit later today.

Seriously. It's all kinds of Awesome with a captial A.

I'd love to hear from you ~ are there any colours from your childhood/past that you steer clear of too?! Any purple fans out there?

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