Hey lovelies,

While I was on the hunt for a bridesmaids dress for my cousin's wedding in September (joy of joys she's going down the mismatched route) I came across New York based, Dahl

And oh my these dresses are the height of NYC chic!

I love that they don't scream ‘bridesmaids dress' ~ they are what I'd refer to as bridesmaid-to-cocktail dresses. That is, dresses which your best girls will want to wear again and again. Not hide at the back of the closet.

The silk and tulle dress below is my favourite.

My fellow blush pink lovers this is quite possibly the perfect bridesmaid-to-cocktail dress ever.

Aren't they just the height of chic?

And that beautiful, blonde model (who makes me wish my bangs would hurry up and grow!) is actually the designer, Alison Dahl Kelly.

Yep beauty and talent…some people get all the luck.

You'll be pleased to hear that Dahl ships worldwide and also has a selection of utterly chic wedding dresses too!

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