Hello you gorgeous lot,

Have you been watching the Olympics over the weekend? Wasn't the queen such a good sport?!

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Okay, hold onto your socks as this awesome wedding is bound to knock 'em off!

Kat and Lovine are both musicians and artists who make cute, illustrated buttons.  This stylish, fun loving couple took an unforgettable road trip in their retro campervan to say their wedding vows in the awe inspiring, unique setting of Death Valley, in the California desert.

It was an intimate ceremony attended only by their closest family and friends (as well as their adorable, bow tie clad ring bearer, Nickel). Then for their reception, they all camped out under the stars!






Kat makes such a beautiful boho bride in her DIY floral crown and flowing gown ~ these shots of her strutting her stuff in the vast, surreal desert belong in a fashion magazine!

One of the themes for their wedding was a verse from John Lennon's song ‘Love‘: “Love is you, you and me, love is knowing we can be.”  It was in Lovine’s vows and also inscribed on the back of their cake topper (made by Kat).


Lovine shares the details from their unique wedding:

Kat and I chose to get married in Death Valley, at a place called the Racetrack Playa where we continually find ourselves mesmerized by the sheer vastness and inexplicable beauty of the desert. We had a very intimate wedding – only parents and siblings, our dog Nickel as the ring bearer, and our good friend as the officiant.

The ceremony was done at an outcrop of rocks called “The Grandstand” in the middle of the Racetrack Playa as the mid-afternoon sun was setting. The reception was held in a primitive campground (no facilities, no water), where we all camped for the night. Because of the remote location, we had to bring everything in. Several Filipino details were used – woven “banig” native Filipino straw mats, native delicacies served on woven “bilao” platters, “Barong Tagalog” attire for the men.  

Our family helped put a lot of the details together. Kat stitched Nickel's canvas doggy backpack that contained our rings, and she also built the cake topper using air-dry clay. Kat's sister arranged the flowers and made Kat's beautiful head piece. Lovine's sister baked the wedding cake. Lovine created “sun jars” spread throughout the reception campsite.

Told you it was awesome!

But wait, there's more awesome to come…meet me back here tomorrow for Kat and Lovine's epic wedding film by  Modern 8 Films!