Where was I when this amazing thing was happening?! I'd seen TOMS shoes in magazines and just figured they were the new Converse…how misguided I was.

There are such good people out there and the founder of TOMS is right up there with the best of them! What an amazing idea: for every pair of TOMS shoes bought, a pair of shoes is given to a child who is in need. {Though you probably knew that already, didn't you?}

I'll be purchasing a cute, casual pair similar to the shoes I was about to purchase from Topshop BUT for a few pounds more, I could contribute to a child's well being. It's a no-brainer!

Anyway, they've got this cute little section on their website dedicated to ways in which you can include TOMS in your wedding, including free paper goods, invitations, postcards etc. informing guests all about TOMS.

Now, I'm not suggesting you or your groom wear TOMS or promote them and the cause at your wedding in this way {though of course you could and that would be wonderful!} but how about buying them as gifts for your maids/groomsmen? They could be worn on the day {or not} as the case may be!

Visit the TOMS website to find out more about this amazing footwear movement!

What do you think? The perfect practical gift for your bridal party? Or quite possibly the wedding shoes you've been searching for?