We've seen Marilyn and Jason's super fun and unique wedding trailer and pondered if it was the coolest wedding trailer ever…

We've seen their beautiful photos and swooned over that sunshine yellow, grey and pink colour palette!

Now it's time to see their wedding film proper.

And, like all of Ryan Southwell‘s films, this is no ordinary wedding film.

It spans the city and a rustic vineyard in one fell swoop.

Grab a cup of coffee / tea / drink of your choice. Wine perhaps…it must be wine ‘o clock somewhere right?

Whatever your heart desires, just chill out and enjoy watching this beautiful film celebrating the union of two people, madly in love. There are tears (from the groom), stunning shots of San Francisco and sweeping footage of the rustic vineyard bathed in golden California sunlight as well some pretty cool special effects.

Yep, it's all rather epic.

Clos LaChance from Ryan Southwell on Vimeo.

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