Kelsey and Josh made poetic, sweet, funny and deeply personal vows to each other during their intimate, lakeside wedding ceremony.

If this beautiful film doesn't make you consider writing your own wedding vows, I don't know what will.

Josh + Kelsey Eloped from AleaLovely on Vimeo.

My favourite line:

This day means I get to keep you.

Sigh. If you missed their gorgeous wedding photos from yesterday then please do take a peek. You can see the love in every single image.

Alea Lovely is a fine art photographer and filmmaker, and I think it's fair to say, she captured Kelsey and Josh' elopement to perfection.

bride and groom in the desert Alea_Lovely_Fine_Art_Photographer

Are you considering writing your own vows? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

Totally kicking myself right now that Zee and I opted for the standard, ‘for richer for poorer' vows.

(Though, to be honest, it felt absolutely amazing making those iconic promises to the man I love and meaning every single word. It also felt a little surreal, like I was in a movie!)

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 Hairstylist: Carla Calderon / Floral Designer: Amy Cason / Bride’s Dress: Ann Taylor / Makeup Artist: Makeup By Jen B / Location: Lake Pleasant Campground, Phoenix, Arizona,United States /Photographer: Alea Lovely Fine Art Photographer and Filmmaker / Submitted via: Two Bright Lights