I've got such a treat for you today! A double whammy of loveliness courtesy of Pretty Cakes of London {who actually make pretty cookies too} captured beautifully by the talented and very lovely Fiona from Fiona Kelly Photography.

Pretty Cakes of London was set up in 2009 by Llinos Woods an expert pastry chef who has worked in some of London’s most distinguished hotels and restaurants. She designs and makes a wide variety of beautiful cakes and cookies suitable for traditional brides searching for a classic wedding cake or brides opting for a more modern approach to their cake such as cupcakes or edible favours.

These are some of the most elegant cakes and cookies I have ever seen…

Wedding Cakes

{This cake is just so unbelievably chic…I love it! Take a look at that intricate piping and what a unique idea to decorate with feathers!}

Wedding cakes don't have to tiered you know! Llinos could make you a gorgeous, bespoke cake like this.

{A cake fit for a queen!}


Cupcakes are wonderful for all sorts of celebrations. A cupcake tower makes a nice alternative for a Traditional Wedding cake. Our cupcakes can be individually designed for weddings and other celebrations and are available in a variety of flavours topped with either luscious butter cream, Chocolate ganach, Sugar icing or dipped in fondant icingand finished with handmade sugar flowers or delicate piping.

{Such pretty presentation too! Those cupcake cases are sublime.}

Individual {mini} Cakes

Our individual cakes are a nice way to add a modern twist to your celebration and are perfectly suited for Weddings, Christenings or birthday’s. Decorated with pretty polka dots, little blossoms or intricate piping to co-ordinate your celebration they are sure to leave a lasting impression.

{I adore these mini cakes! Just imagine, instead of your guests having a slice of your wedding cake-they get their own small but perfectly formed wedding cake!}


Cookies are becoming increasingly popular to hand out as wedding favours, or indeed as a nice gift to mark your special event. Possible flavours for our cookie range are Vanilla, Lemon, Chocolate or Gingerbread. They are available in a wide range of different shapes and sizes and are made to your specifications.

{Oh my! These are adorable. They'd make perfect favours, individually wrapped in cellophane with pretty ribbons and a name tag.}

Llinos kindly answered a few questions I thought brides might find useful when considering their wedding cake.

What is the most requested style & flavour of wedding cake at Pretty Cakes of London?
The most popular style of wedding cake at present is the Delicate Butterfly cake. It’s simplistic and elegant design is a real crowd pleaser.

{Did your heart skip a beat just then? Isn't this cake an amazing work of art?! No wonder it's so popular!}

The two most popular flavours we are working with at present are a delicious Lemon cake soaked with a fresh lemon syrup and layered with home made lemon curd butter cream. This is a very nice choice when the Wedding cake is being served as a dessert.

The second most popular is our Chocolate sponge cake soaked with grand mariner syrup and layered with a rich chocolate ganach, this is the ideal choice for the chocoholics amongst us!

Do you feel that cupcakes are taking over from the traditional cake?
Cupcakes are becoming increasingly popular as wedding cakes, and are a fabulous alternative to the traditional wedding cake.I believe the traditional style cake is still more popular as these days it is possible to have more than one flavour for your wedding cake

Do you recommend brides buy or hire cakes stands?

Good wedding venues will always have a traditional silver cake stand readily available for the Wedding cake.

However if you don’t fancy the silver stand, or indeed if your cake won’t compliment that style of stand hiring a stand is the best option.

A good cake maker will always have a range of Cake stands you can choose from to hire for your wedding cake and it’s peace of mind knowing it will be there ready for you on the big day. On the downside to this the cake stand will need to be returned to the cake maker!

Any recommendations for places to buy pretty cake stands like your lovely cut glass stand in the photos?I think John Lewis and Portmeirion sell some lovely cake stands. The pretty cut glass stand is a hand me down from my mother which goes to show that you don’t always have to buy a stand. Shop around or ask friends if they have a stand they could lend you, you never know….

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Without a doubt the best part of my job is seeing my customers reactions when they see their cake finished for the first time-suffice to say some occasions have been quite emotional , which as a cake designer makes it all the more worthwhile.

Thank you so much to Llinos and Fiona for sharing their talents on Bridal Musings, it's been such a pleasure to feature you both.

If you would like to find out more about Pretty Cupcakes of London visit the website.

If you'd like to see more of Fiona's stunning photography visit her website or her blog for all her latest shoots.