Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? Filled with pretty plans and anticipation for your forthcoming nuptials, perhaps? Or maybe a spot of Christmas shopping?

Zee and I had a pretty chilled one after a super hectic few weeks of flat hunting around London but the good news is, we've found a gorgeous flat and we get to move in next month. Hurrah!

The bad news is that due to a crazy schedule in the lead up to our move and all the behind the scenes work I'm doing on my blog redesign, there will be a bit of a reduced blogging schedule. But never fear there's a LOT of lovely, chic, unique and awesome-ness in store for you all in the coming weeks. Pinky promise.

Starting with this exquisite wedding shoot which took place in Poland, after the couple's wedding. These film photographs by The Weddie have such a nostalgic, timeless quality to them. Every single image is a thing of beauty ~ as is the bride, Kasia, with her Marilyn Monroe esque looks. Her new husband, Szymon, channels his inner Bond in a sharp, black tuxedo.

Yep, this shoot is about as classic, romantic and beautiful as they come.

Aren't those playful candy floss shots just perfect?!

Many thanks to The Weddie for sharing this gorgeous shoot with us ~ it's got the week off to a very classy start indeed.

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