I had never bought a Bobbi Brown product or looked at the Bobbi Brown website until today and boy have I been missing out! I have fallen head over heels for Bobbi Brown's philosophy:

Since 1991, beauty expert Bobbi Brown's mission has been to teach women how to be their own make up artists. She seeks to empower women with the knowledge and products they need to look and feel like themselves, only prettier and more confident.

In the run up to your wedding day, thoughts inevitably turn to make up so I highly recommend  checking out the Bobbi Brown website where there is a wealth of information to help you to become your own make up artist!

Bobbi Brown has created products suitable for women of all ages and shades suitable for every skin colour.

The website is absolutely FANTASTIC, with the opportunity to learn tips and techniques by video tutorials and articles. In fact, there is a tutorial demonstrating how to achieve each of the diverse women's make up looks above. With before and after shots. Amazing!

The video tutorials are so helpful too! {I will be posting my favourites onto my Facebook page.}

But of course, lots of brides will want to have make up trial with a professional make up artist.

When I was planning my wedding, I loved the thought of a make up artist coming along and making me look like the prettiest me I could be whilst I sat back and drank champagne. But in reality, after each make up trial I had, the first thing I wanted to do was wash all the make up off as it felt like a mask & I certainly did not look like me…In fact, Zee said I looked like I was about to go on Dancing on Ice!

So I chose to do my own make up. But had I known about Bobbi Brown's website or approached the Bobbie Brown counter for complimentary beauty lessons. {Yes, they do FREE sessions!} then I may have been better equipped to do my own make up on my wedding day and beyond!

There is a menu of complimentary beauty lessons to choose from lasting between 15 & 45 minutes including: 10 Step Lesson, Perfect Foundation and Smokey Eye. {All of which you can take a look at online too.} As well as 60-90 minute lessons which cost about £35 and the money you pay is redeemable against any Bobbi Brown purchases.

Bobbi says Bridal make up should be special. On her wedding day every bride should look like herself at her most beautiful. I couldn't agree more!

The Bobbi Brown Bridal Beauty package involves two tailor made sessions. The first advising brides on how to prepare their skin for the big day {great idea!} and the second, focuses on creating a beautiful look today and timeless when you view the photographs in 10 years time. I love that they focus on helping brides to create a timeless look…

{I can imagine 80s bride's looking back at their over plucked brows and rainbow eye colour in horror! }

Recently I had an awful ‘smokey eye' make up session from a make up artist at another well known brand of make up. It was awful because a} the girl who did it had the most garish make up on and looked like she'd used every product in the store and b} because once she'd finished, I didn't look like me. I looked like a drag queen. Which certainly wasn't the chic look I was going for

So, I will definitely be arranging an appointment at my nearest Bobbi Brown counter & I'll let you know how I get on!

Any Bobbi Brown fans out there? I'd love to hear your thoughts.