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There are so many department store gift lists and registries out there nowadays it's hard to know where to begin…

If you go for a department store gift list, you're limited to objects from that particular store.

With a honeymoon registry you're limited to buying experiences for your honeymoon.

How about a wedding registry that doesn't make you choose between objects or experiences? A wedding registry that doesn't limit you.

SimpleRegistry is changing the way engaged couples create and share their wedding registry. With unique tools that make registering for gifts fun and personable, couples can create a registry that is reflective of their personality instead of the latest inventory of the big box retail stores.

With SimpleRegistry you can quite literally ask your generous friends and family for anything your newlywed hearts desire.

Anything that will help your married life get off to a perfect start. Yep, that's right, anything.

From coveted objects for your home (from any store) such as a print by your favourite artist, records from that second hand vinyl store you both love or money towards a fancy new camera.

To shared hobbies or experiences such as Salsa dancing lessons, season tickets to your favourite sport or a hot balloon ride.

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With SimpleRegistry you could ask your guests to put a little money towards a downpayment on your dream home / new kitchen / car. And there's even the lovely option for guests to make donations to your favourite charities!

Here's an example of what a registry looks like:

Here are some of the reasons SimpleRegistry rocks:

Add Anything to a Registry – Any item from any store on one registry.  Literally anything that can be thought up can be added to a registry.

Split Pricey Items to Smaller Portions – Let's face it, there probably aren't many people that will buy someone that awesome $2,000 camera all on their own. SimpleRegistry makes it easy to allow for group-gifting at any price level.

Setup is Easy (and Fun) – Customizing a registry is easy with purpose-built tools like the SimpleAdder (bookmarklet for adding any item from any website with one-click), free Mobile App (scan barcodes or snap a photo of anything and add it to the registry), and Instant Registry for those in a hurry (pre-made lists of professionally curated items).

Let Others Suggest Cool Items – Registry creation can be shared with Simple Registry's innovative Item Suggestions feature. Easily send people (with the best taste) a custom version of our SimpleAdder tool that allows them to suggest items from any website in the world. Couples have complete power over which suggested items to add – and which to ignore.

All Gifts Redeemed as Cash – When the wedding is over all gifts are redeemed directly as cash for the ultimate in flexibility. Newer model of that camera since the registry was created? Different color of that blender desired? No problem! Couples tell us when they're ready to receive their gifts and we send them a check or deposit funds directly to their checking or PayPal account.

Saying ‘Thank You' Made Easy – Instantly generated list of all guests, the gift(s) they provided, amounts, and their full contact information. SimpleRegistry Real Members' Stories: Check out real SimpleRegistry member's stories and discover how they used SimpleRegistry to create their own, unique wedding registry. You can click the photo below to read more stories.

Simple Registry Real Members Stories

SimpleRegistry is a modern, simple and, some might say, more polite way to ask your friends and family to put money towards the things you love, want or need.

And because you (and they) are not restricted to particular stores ~ the possibilties are limitless!

Making the whole wedding registry experience a fun way for you and your partner to really think about what you'd like to buy / see / do during your first few months of marriage and beyond!

So much more personal and thoughtful for you and your guests than requesting / giving cash in an envelope. Don't you think?

SimpleRegistry Giveaway 

**One lucky couple will receive a $5,000 credit toward their registry if they register before 4/30/13**

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