I am a sucker for black eyeliner flicks and a red lip. This polished, vintage look is becoming more and more popular with brides. So I thought I'd share one of my favourite Youtube tutorials {Yes I'm a make up/hair geek too!} with you on how to achieve this gorgeous 1950s look.

Want to look like this?

I've recently discovered Aja, the talented make up artist, and her Vivid Make Up YouTube channel and I LOVE it! Vintage brides you will too. She's fun and explains the techniques really well and I love how she included a little bit about the history of this look too!

This is a 10 minute video {just to warn you} but it covers the whole look, which is fab!

I hope you found it useful.

One day I will upload my own eyeliner flick tutorial as I've worn them nearly everyday since I was 17 and have a few tricks and tips of my own to share. They are not as difficult as they look, honest! And practise really does makes perfect!

So will you be donning a vintage make up look on your big day? Or did you? {If so share those photos please, I'd love to see!}